Parineetii 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Parineet’s attention being drawn to the sound of a vehicle. Peering through the gap in the manhole cover, she discovers Sanju’s presence. Overjoyed, she calls out his name, prompting him to question whether he’s merely hallucinating her voice. Meanwhile, Neeti manages to capture the hidden secrets of the basement on her mobile device. Armed with this knowledge, she confronts Shilpa, demanding that she divulge the truth. However, Shilpa denies any knowledge of the secrets, leading Rakesh to subdue her and render her unconscious. Instructing Jai to restrain Neeti to prevent her escape, Rakesh acknowledges her intelligence, deeming it necessary to take precautionary measures.

Elsewhere, Daima converses with a nurse, explaining that Shilpa has discovered Parineet’s whereabouts and must first complete her abortion. Suspecting that something is amiss, Daima recognizes Bebe and seeks an opportunity to address the situation. Seizing a moment, Bebe expresses her desire to speak with Daima and follows her. In the midst of their interaction, Shilpa unintentionally collides with Parminder, failing to notice that Neeti is bound nearby. Oblivious, Shilpa continues her pursuit of Bebe. Meanwhile, Parineet rests, but her serenity is disrupted by the presence of a snake, instilling fear within her.

Curiosity piqued, Daima inquires about the ongoing situation from Bebe, who instructs her to focus on her assigned tasks. Expressing her frustration, Daima reveals that her plans are not unfolding as intended due to Parineet’s interference. Bebe admits that she was unable to inform Daima due to not having her contact information. She proceeds to confide in Daima about Parminder and Chandrika, urging her to feign ignorance towards their connection. Emphasizing the significance of Neeti, who happens to be Parineet’s sister, Bebe acknowledges the unpredictable nature of their relationship, warning that Neeti would go to great lengths to protect her sister. Urgently, Bebe stresses the need to perform Parineet’s abortion as a priority before ensuring her safety. Daima complains about the immense trouble caused by Parineet, but Bebe assures her that Sanju will arrive swiftly, implying that his presence will be unstoppable. Puzzled by the conversation, Parminder seeks clarification from Bebe. Swiftly thinking on her feet, Bebe claims that she was discussing Chandrika’s abortion and queries Parminder if he has shared any secrets with her. Snatching Chandrika’s phone from her possession, Bebe exits the scene.

Snakes depart from the scene as Parineet sinks her teeth into Jai’s hand. The compounder attempts to pull Parineet away, but a snake suddenly appears, coming to her rescue. Seizing the opportunity, Parineet flees from the scene. Parineet believes she spotted Sanju near a manhole cover and hopes to locate it. Chandrika questions Parminder, asking if something is bothering her and if she considers her an outsider like Gurinder does. Parminder assures her that she wasn’t thinking that way. Parminder confides in Chandrika, revealing that she saw Bebe conversing privately with Daima and grew suspicious of their motives. Chandrika agrees, sharing that she witnessed Bebe with Rakesh, engaged in a secretive phone conversation that seemed to suggest something was amiss. Parminder excuses herself, and in the meantime, Sanju questions the staff about Parineet, referring to her as Neeti. Shilpa ignores his call, realizing she must distract him or else he’ll find her. She lies, claiming she is in ICU 5. Sanju sees through her deceit and warns her that nothing must happen to Neeti.

Parminder searches for Bebe and confronts her, claiming that Bebe has lost her way—both literally and metaphorically. Parminder implies that she knows what Bebe is up to and reveals that Chandrika has exposed the truth. Parminder discloses that she has been keeping a watchful eye and won’t tolerate anyone plotting against her family. Bebe mistakenly believes that Parminder has been speaking ill of her to Parineet. Bebe realizes her error. Sanju discovers a potential route to the basement as he notices a drainage system. Curious about where it leads, he tries to remove the cover. Parineet spots him and believes he will surely come to her rescue. However, upon seeing the police nearby, Sanju hides to evade them.

[Episode End]

Precap : Daima will unexpectedly triumph over Parineet. Neeti will firmly express to Rakesh that she refuses to permit him to proceed with the abortion of Parineet’s baby in such a manner. Rakesh will assert that the abortion will undoubtedly occur. Daima will then inform Parineet that nobody was capable of rescuing her from this fate.

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