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Pandya Store 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Sweta embarking on a job search. Chiku, curious about her whereabouts, asks her where she is going. Sweta candidly responds that she is not at her own place and is struggling to find employment. Concerned for his siblings, Chiku implores Sweta to stay, emphasizing that this is their home. Sweta, however, explains that it may be his house, but it is not where she belongs. In a heartfelt gesture, Chiku embraces her and pleads with her not to leave. Observing this, Dhara contemplates how to make Chiku comprehend the situation. Meanwhile, Krish expresses his confusion to Chiku, unaware of what is happening. Gowtham assures him that they have to remain there and reminisces about their father’s aspirations. Recounting their father’s dream of opening a supermarket, Gowtham reveals that they had sold the land for it. Shiva suggests that they should fulfill their father’s dream.

Simultaneously, Mithun faces trouble from his classmates, who torment him and rip his books apart. Distraught, he bursts into tears and flees from the classroom. As this unfolds, Dhara busies herself arranging everything on the dining table. Gowtham joins her and compliments her cooking, playfully suggesting that he is trying to romance her, albeit with her seeming indifference.

Dhara confides in Gowtham, expressing her concern that Chiku is disregarding her and considering Sweta as his mother. Gowtham reassures her that Chiku is their son and though he may be angry with her, he will eventually understand her perspective. Dhara finds solace in the fact that as long as he is with her, she will be fine. Just then, Rishita arrives to meet Gowtham and expresses her worry for Natasha. Gowtham assures Rishita that Natasha will be alright. Rishita raises a question about who would take care of Natasha if something were to happen to her. Dhara admonishes Rishita for speaking such things and dismisses her concerns. However, Rishita shares her anxieties, fearing that everyone may perish in the future, leaving no one to care for Natasha. Gowtham asserts that they are there to protect her, and Shesh, Natasha’s brother, is also present. Rishita suggests they deposit money for Natasha’s future well-being. In the midst of this conversation, Raavi enters and overhears them. She questions the nature of their discussion, believing it to be random. Gowtham concurs, affirming that they were merely engaging in casual conversation.

Mithun complains to Chiku about his classmates who have torn his book and been stealing his lunch every day. Demanding proof, Chiku urges Mithun to show him where they are. In the meantime, Raavi confronts Dhara, asking her to reveal what Rishita was discussing. Gowtham steps in to manage the escalating situation. Shiva joins them during lunch and promises to bring food to the store. Meanwhile, Chiku and Shesh engage in a fight with the students who have been troubling Mithun. Their altercation catches the attention of a teacher, who reprimands them for fighting on school premises. Mithun lodges a complaint with the teacher, detailing how his classmates tore his notebook and continue to steal his lunch. As a result, the teacher escorts them to the principal’s office. The teacher contacts Raavi and informs her about Mithun’s involvement in the fight with his classmates. Later, Mithun expresses gratitude to his siblings for their assistance.

Curious about the fight, Raavi questions Mithun about his reasons for getting involved. Mithun explains that he is small and doesn’t know how to fight back. Shiva reassures him, stating that he is his son and should stand up for himself. He advises Mithun not to forgive those who have wronged him. Raavi and the teacher perceive this as misguided guidance and question Shiva about it. Dhara scolds Chiku for engaging in yet another fight. Chiku defends himself, mentioning that she taught him to protect his family, but she denies it, claiming that he is always wrong. She suggests that his biological mother, Sweta, would provide proper guidance instead.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rishita will insist that Dhara hand over her shares, while Dhara will urge Rishita to refrain from repeating herself. Rishita will express her frustration, stating that she has already requested the shares from Natasha. Dhara will be taken aback when she witnesses Chiku accompanying Sweta.

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