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Pandya Store 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Dhara questioning Chiku about his broken promise not to engage in fights. She wonders why he fought despite his assurance. Chiku responds by complaining that she always blames him and assumes he is in the wrong. Frustrated, he tells her to stop talking to him and suggests that if anyone wants to correct his mistakes, his mother, Sweta, can handle it. Gowtham reprimands Chiku for his disrespectful behavior towards Dhara. Dhara urges them to think about their actions, emphasizing that they did something wrong that day. She explains that it is unjust to bully others and suggests that instead of fighting, they should inform the teacher if someone troubles them. Dhara appeals to the teacher, mentioning that Mithu is a young child who doesn’t understand the concept of bullying, and it is their responsibility to protect him. The teacher responds by stating that their behavior reflects what they witness at home. Dhara asks them to apologize to Mithu. Chiku runs away from the scene. The teacher warns Dhara that they must ensure this behavior is not repeated, or else they will face suspension. Meanwhile, Sweta happily informs Prerna about her new job. Prerna assures Sweta that her presence does not trouble her anymore, as she finds comfort when her loved ones are around. Sweta remarks that one fails to realize the value of something until it is no longer there, and she hopes the Pandya family understands this once they are away from her. Prerna expresses her contentment with her independent life. Later, Dhara returns home accompanied by the others. Shiva confronts Raavi for supposedly teaching Mithu improper behavior. He accuses her of turning their son into a coward instead of a strong individual who fights for his rights. Raavi firmly states that her son will not resort to fighting. Meanwhile, Suman and Dhara notice a neighbor’s dispute. The neighbors had been known for spying on and gossiping about their family. Bhabhi had kicked Devrani out of their house, leading to a heated argument. Rishita feels uneasy witnessing the commotion. Suman informs the neighbors that their past behavior of spying and gossiping about others has not gone unnoticed.

Rishita gathers everyone together for a discussion, signaling the end of one problem in Shiva’s mind, only to see it resurface once again.

Expressing her concern for Natasha’s future, Rishita emphasizes that she cannot afford to take risks. She doesn’t want her daughter’s life to follow the same path as a neighboring girl’s. Requesting everyone to contribute financially towards Natasha’s future, Raavi points out that there are three more children to consider and urges Rishita to think about them as well. In response, Rishita asserts that Natasha is different because of her illness, and she cannot bear to see her future in jeopardy. Sheesha complains to Chiku about the instruction not to fight, highlighting the ongoing argument. Raavi adds that Mithu is also innocent and deserving of financial support for their future. Perplexed, Rishita expresses her frustration, questioning what would happen if something were to befall Dev and herself. Who would be there for Natasha then? Raavi poses the same question to Rishita. Overwhelmed by her emotions, Rishita accidentally breaks a glass, causing her hands to bleed.

Accusing Rishita of emotional manipulation to fulfill her own desires, Raavi argues her point. The stress takes its toll on Rishita, causing her to faint. Shiva reprimands Raavi for engaging in a heated argument with Rishita, while Natasha becomes deeply concerned for her mother. Dhara and Gowtham attempt to console Natasha, while Chiku laments the constant fighting and blames the adults. Gowtham tries to offer words of comfort to Chiku, who believes that everyone involved is at fault. Meanwhile, Raavi confides in Shiva, sharing her own grievances. Shiva scolds her for requesting shares from others. Raavi explains the events of the past to Shiva, shedding light on her perspective. Dhara and Gowtham anxiously worry about Chiku’s future.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rishita engages in a heated argument with Dhara.

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