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Pandya Store 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode starts with Dhara expressing to Sweta that she feels isolated. Sweta responds, implying that there’s no point in trying to make Dhara understand. Despite their efforts to save her life, Dhara has committed numerous wrongdoings against them. Nevertheless, Sweta assures Dhara that she will support her decision to divorce Krish. Just then, Krish arrives and informs Dhara that it’s time for Prerna’s medication. Dhara insists on administering the medicine herself, ensuring that Prerna doesn’t exert herself. Concerned, she informs Krish that they have no updates on Raavi and Rishita.

Meanwhile, Dev and Rishita find themselves perplexed by Malti’s behavior. Rishita suggests talking to Malti, as she might be unaware of Arushi and Shiva’s wedding. However, Dev reminds her that the immediate priority is finding Raavi and Shiva, who were genuinely kidnapped.

At the hideout, the captors bring Raavi and Shiva inside. Raavi regains consciousness and subtly signals to the captors, gently caressing Shiva’s face. She commends them for their convincing performance, acknowledging their dedication to the roles assigned to them. However, when Raavi tries to remove their masks, the captors prevent her from doing so. Raavi keeps muttering Rishita’s name, attempting to identify them. Curious, she asks who they are. The captors suspect it might be her ploy to escape and caution her against provoking their anger. Raavi insists that Dev has sent them and questions if this is the same place they were kept after the initial kidnapping. The captors inquire if she has been kidnapped before, to which Raavi responds with indifference, emphasizing that her priority is being by Shiva’s side.

Meanwhile, Dev and Rishita arrive at the location. The captors admonish Raavi for confusing them and warn that they won’t spare her if she continues to provoke them. Raavi questions their motives, asking if they genuinely kidnapped her. The captors, growing increasingly agitated, accuse her of making a mockery of their actions.

Rishita grasps a stick firmly in her hand before handing it over to Dev, who feigns appreciation for her idea. Together, they step inside the house. Inside, the goons attempt to bind Raavi with a rope, but she retaliates by hurling objects at them, causing them to cower in fear. Eventually, they manage to lock Raavi inside and hastily make their exit. Raavi desperately tries to rouse Siva from his slumber. Meanwhile, the goons engage in a conversation, realizing that their plan has failed and suspecting that Malti Devi, who is concealing something from them, must be coerced into surrendering her money or they need to escape. Raavi confides in Siva, affirming that their kidnapping is indeed real. She seizes his phone in an attempt to contact Dev, but to her dismay, there is no signal. Frustration consumes her as she persistently tries to awaken him, while pondering the enigmatic circumstances they find themselves in.

In a chaotic turn of events, the goons and Dev, along with Rishita, accidentally collide with one another, resulting in loud exclamations. Suddenly, the power abruptly cuts off, leaving Raavi gripped with apprehension. Dev questions the identities of the intruders, prompting the goons to forcefully shove them aside and make their escape. Meanwhile, Dhara endeavors to reach out to Malti, while Gautham and Krish offer to accompany her. However, she dismisses their assistance and insists that they depart. Frustrated, Dhara confides in Suman, expressing her prior warning for them to leave the village and Suman’s dismissive response. Dhara asserts that they have not learned their lesson, vowing to teach them one herself. Amidst the tension, Arushi unexpectedly arrives and publicly declares her relationship with Dhara through a microphone, capturing the attention of the neighbors. Suman berates Arushi, accusing her of humiliating them.

Dhara is on the verge of intervening, but Suman restrains her. Arushi confidently asserts that she can introduce herself without assistance and threatens to snatch Dhara’s happiness away. She stages a spectacle, convincing the neighbors of her purportedly strong bond with Dhara. Arushi claims that multiple marriages have taken place within her family, with Krish having two wives—Prena and Sweta—and she intends to arrange Sweta’s marriage to Siva.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arushi will approach Suman and express her belief that it was her sister who made the mistake. To support her claim, she will present a sum of 1 lakh and state that Dhara had given it to her. Suman, however, will firmly convey her disapproval of Arushi’s marriage to Siva. In response, Arushi will emphasize that Suman’s trust in Dhara surpasses that of anyone else.

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