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Pandya Store 21 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 21 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with a conversation between Raavi and Arushi. In the midst of their exchange, Arushi boldly declares her intention to marry Shiva, triggering a surge of anger within Ravi, who instinctively moves to strike her. However, Arushi quickly clarifies that she lacks any interest in Shiva. She proceeds to divulge the circumstances compelling her to consider marriage with a local gentleman. Initially, Arushi had met Shiva and believed he would be an ideal match for her, but now the situation has become significantly more intricate.

Arushi astutely highlights the potential consequence of being with Shiva: a diminished opportunity to develop a close relationship with him. Concurrently, Ravi ponders the possibility of reclaiming his lost memories. Sensing an opportunity, Arushi proposes a mutually beneficial arrangement. She expresses her desire for Ravi to attempt the restoration of his memory while also seeking assurance that, in due course, she will permanently depart from the town. To solidify this agreement, Arushi extends her hand, inviting Ravi to confirm their pact. Initially skeptical, Ravi eventually acquiesces, agreeing to Arushi’s proposition.

Here, Gautam is getting Chiku ready for school. He instructs Chiku to call Dhara, but she informs him that Dhara is not at home. Gautam discovers that Dhara has gone to the hospital. Meanwhile, Shivang notices the absence of Dhara, Prerna, and Krish and becomes suspicious, fearing a possible conspiracy. Shivang eventually uncovers their secret plan, as the three of them disguise themselves for their upcoming endeavor. Krish pretends to be a doctor while the other two transform into a medical team. They join forces and continue on their journey. In the meantime, Gautam calls Dhara to question her about her hospital visit. Dhara lies to him, but Gautam scolds her for her audacity. However, Dhara somehow manages to handle the situation. Shivang decides to intervene and put a stop to their activities.

Elsewhere, Shiva and Dev are tidying up their shop when suddenly Shiva hears a noise coming from the storage area. Ravi is hidden in the storage and signals Dev not to disclose anything to Shiva. Curious about the peculiar sound, Ravi enters the storage to investigate but finds no one inside. Dev skillfully handles the situation and advises Ravi to leave. Ravi emerges from her hiding spot and meets Dev. Ravi proposes that they recreate their initial encounter in front of Shiva, but their plan doesn’t unfold as expected. As Ravi gets closer to Shiva, they gaze at each other, triggering Shiva’s recollection of their first meeting. However, after a while, he reverts to his previous mistreatment of Ravi. He angrily reprimands her for approaching him, catching Ravi in the act, and she departs from the scene. Ravi makes a personal commitment to herself to rebuild their relationship once again.

Krish, Prerna, and Dhara arrived at the hospital, exuding an air of authority. They identified themselves as medical vigilance officers, there to carry out their duties. Dhara approached the receptionist and politely requested that they summon the three individuals they needed to speak with. Unfortunately, the staff members were currently occupied in the laboratory. The receptionist kindly provided them with directions to the laboratory.

With determination, Dhara and Krish made their way to the laboratory, ready to confront the staff members about the blood sample of Shweta. They sought answers regarding any potential mishandling. As the confrontation began, one of the staff members assured them that they hadn’t done anything wrong with the blood sample. To support their claim, another staff member promptly retrieved the blood sample and handed it over to Dhara.

Taking possession of the sample, Dhara asserted her authority and issued a stern warning to the staff members. Their message delivered, the trio promptly left the laboratory, leaving the staff members to reflect on the seriousness of the situation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara makes the decision to have Shweta’s blood retested at a different laboratory. However, their plans are abruptly interrupted when they are unexpectedly caught by the genuine authorities. The police swiftly arrive at the scene and apprehend Krish and Prerna, leading to their arrest. Shivang, witnessing their unfortunate predicament, can’t help but smirk.

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