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Pandya Store 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Rishita expressing her concern for Natasha, while Chikku clings to Sweta in fear. At the same time, Dhara conducts the final rituals for Malti, her mind flooded with memories of how she had once insulted her. Dhara reflects on how she risked her own life to save Malti, feeling overwhelmed with grief as she watches Malti’s body being consumed by the fire. Seeking solace, Dhara confides in her mother, expressing her anguish over being left alone during her childhood and struggling without her. She shares her desire to have meaningful conversations with her mother and regrets crushing her dreams. Dhara sincerely apologizes to her mother for the pain she caused and pleads for her eternal presence, confessing that she never truly expressed her love for her. Overwhelmed by emotions, Dhara breaks down in tears, and Gowtham, witnessing her distress, becomes equally emotional. Acting swiftly, Gowtham supports Dhara as she starts feeling dizzy.

Tears streaming down her face, Dhara continues to weep, finding solace in Gowtham’s comforting embrace. She confides in him, expressing her failure to comprehend her mother’s love and how Arushi had taken her away. Dhara recounts her longing and the pain she endured while crying out for her mother. Overwhelmed by Dhara’s condition, Gowtham becomes agitated. Meanwhile, the doctor examines Natasha, who has regained consciousness. Curious, Natasha asks Chikku why she had fainted, expressing concern for his well-being. Mittu explains that Natasha fainted due to her weakened state as she only has one kidney. Chikku dismisses Mittu’s words, but Natasha agrees with the assessment, acknowledging her own health condition. Rishita rushes to the doctor, inquiring about Natasha’s health. The doctor informs her that Natasha’s fainting episode was a result of weakness caused by having only one kidney. He advises them to take extra care of her moving forward and adhere to a specific diet plan. Rishita and Sweta assure the doctor that they will diligently follow the prescribed diet chart. Rishita then mentions how Dhara selflessly donated one of her kidneys to Natasha, raising concerns about Dhara’s own health.

The doctor addresses them, expressing his desire to examine Dhara first. He suggests following a similar procedure for her as well. Raavi voices her concern to everyone, emphasizing that Dhara should not be allowed to work until she fully recovers. Rishita reassures Raavi, promising to take good care of Dhara. Meanwhile, Gowtham arrives with Dhara and informs everyone that she had fainted. The doctor proceeds to examine Dhara and administer treatment. From a distance, Chikku gazes at her intently. Raavi acknowledges Dhara’s bravery in risking her life to save the children and commends her for it. She mentions that Dhara recently found her mother, only to lose her again. In the midst of this, Dhara recalls her mother’s passing. Malti consoles her, gently caressing her head. Overwhelmed with joy, Dhara embraces Malti and pleads with her not to leave. However, Malti disappears before her eyes. Just as Dhara is about to fall, Gowtham intervenes and prevents her from stumbling. Arushi, clutching a photograph of Malti, cries inconsolably, feeling abandoned by everyone.Meanwhile, Chikku fervently prays for Natasha’s well-being, beseeching God to heal her. With no mother around, Natasha is the only family he has. At that moment, Dhara approaches, taken aback by Chikku’s formal attire. He deliberately ignores her presence. Dhara joins in prayer, seeking divine intervention for their shared loved ones.

[Episode End]

Precap : Chikku’s heart led him to choose Sweta over Dhara.

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