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Pandya Store 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Pandya Store 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with Suman interrogating Dhara regarding the identity of the lady she collided with. Dhara discloses that the lady is none other than her mother, Malti Devi, leaving everyone in utter shock. Raavi, filled with resentment, accuses Dhara of intentionally concealing this information, alleging that Dhara wants Shiva to marry her sister in order to reunite her mother and sister with her life. Infuriated by the accusation, Dhara raises her hand to slap Raavi, but Raavi swiftly intercepts, gripping Dhara’s hand firmly. Raavi asserts that Dhara has no right to strike her and warns her that such behavior may lead her to reciprocate inappropriately.

Meanwhile, Malti Devi is seen sobbing, reminiscing about Arushi’s vow to seek revenge on Dhara. On the other hand, Dhara confesses that she concealed the truth out of shame. She reveals that her father took his own life, and she endured taunts and insults due to her mother’s actions. Dhara narrates how she was subjected to harassment by boys and labeled as immoral because of her mother’s past. She expresses her initial resentment towards her mother upon their encounter. However, Raavi remains skeptical of Dhara’s account, accusing her of scheming to orchestrate Arushi’s secret marriage to Shiva and fabricating an act to gain the family’s acceptance, similar to what happened with Krish, Prerna, and Shweta.

In that moment, Arushi pondered how Raavi might insult Dhara and wondered if the family would ultimately expel her from the house. She was curious about how to find out the truth. Despite her curiosity, Arushi couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. Meanwhile, Rishita stepped forward to defend Dhara, reminding Raavi of how Dhara had played a pivotal role in getting her married to Shiva. Raavi dismissed Rishita’s defense, accusing her of giving advice because she was dealing with her own personal situation. Suman intervened, coming to Dhara’s defense as well. She acknowledged that Dhara had always lied for the sake of the family’s well-being and regretted her previous taunts about Dhara’s mother eloping. Gautam spoke up, highlighting Dhara’s consistent efforts to keep the family united, questioning why she would want to separate Raavi and Shiva. Raavi countered by revealing that Arushi had informed her that it was Dhara’s plan to marry her off to Shiva. She added that Dhara had referred to her as “mom” in front of everyone, seemingly confirming the accusations against her. Overwhelmed with emotions, Dhara ran upstairs in tears, and Gautam followed closely behind, trying to console her.

Elsewhere, Arushi realized her mistake and apologized to Malti for their argument. She admitted that she found pleasure in envisioning Dhara’s potential humiliation and encouraged her mother to find enjoyment in it as well. With that, Arushi retired for the night, leaving Malti contemplating how to rectify the situation that had spiraled out of control. Taking matters into her own hands, Malti contacted someone, reminding them of the favors she had done for them in the past, and requested their immediate presence, arranging for transportation.

Meanwhile, Rishita attempted to reason with Raavi, asserting that it was wrong to insult Dhara. Raavi, burdened by the breakup of her relationship with Shiva and concerns about their child, declared that she would only think about herself moving forward. Rishita questioned Raavi’s decision to continue mistreating Dhara instead of prioritizing her own well-being. Raavi affirmed her stance and demanded that Rishita leave, accusing her of siding with Dhara. She even went as far as expressing a desire to kidnap Dhara and abandon her in the jungle. Inspired by Raavi’s words, Rishita embraced Dhara with a newfound idea. She suggested recreating the scenario in which her father mistakenly kidnapped Raavi, hoping that it would trigger Shiva’s memory. Rishita asked Raavi to take Shiva to a secluded location while she and Dev devised a plan to orchestrate Dhara’s abduction. Grateful for Rishita’s support, Raavi thanked her and left to discuss the plan with Dev.

Dhara wept as she replayed Raavi’s hurtful words in her mind. Gautam approached her, expressing his unwavering belief that Dhara could never intentionally harm anyone. Dhara confessed that she had warned Malti and Arushi to leave the city before the next morning, and if they didn’t comply, she felt compelled to take action. Gautam reassured her of his support.

Meanwhile, Rishita managed to convince Dev about Raavi’s deceptive plan to fake a kidnapping.

The following morning, Arushi called Shiva. Just as he was about to answer, Shiva caught sight of Raavi, who appeared strikingly beautiful, triggering vague memories from the past. Arushi called Shiva again, but Raavi snatched the phone away and demanded that Shiva drop her off at the temple. Shiva refused, suggesting that Dev should take her instead. At that moment, Dev arrived home and discreetly entered the house to avoid Shiva’s notice. Shiva advised Raavi to seek assistance from Gautam or Krish, but Raavi revealed that they were unavailable as well.

Suspicion arose in Arushi’s mind when Shiva ignored her calls, wondering if Dhara had influenced him against her once again. Malti Dev offered Arushi a cup of tea, insisting she should have it and prepare to leave. Arushi declined, pouring the tea but remaining firm in her decision to stay. Malti, realizing her plan had failed, contemplated her next move. While engaged in a phone conversation, she received an important call and stepped aside to speak privately. Meanwhile, Shiva continued to resist taking Raavi to the temple. Raavi resorted to emotional manipulation, threatening that Suman would be furious with him if she discovered he had allowed her to go alone. Shiva reluctantly agreed to help her find an autorickshaw. In another location, the person on the call informed Malti that they would arrive soon, leaving her to ponder how to successfully remove Arushi from the situation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Raavi and Shiva find themselves abducted, but to Raavi’s astonishment, she realizes that the kidnappers are not the men sent by Dev.

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