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Pandya Store 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Dhara seeking solace in the temple, engrossed in prayer. However, her singing abruptly ceases as memories of her mother’s demise flood her mind. Suman takes over the song, offering comfort and handing Dhara the arathi. Suman sincerely apologizes to Dhara for inadvertently hurting her by bringing up her mother’s actions. She acknowledges that despite the past, she ultimately saved Dhara’s life. Overwhelmed with emotion, Dhara admits that Suman’s love for her parents made her feel like she had a mother of her own. She expresses her profound affection for Suman, who reciprocates the sentiment wholeheartedly. Unbeknownst to them, Chiku overhears their heartfelt exchange.

Dhara acknowledges that she previously disrespected her mother but now realizes that Suman risked her own life to save hers. She laments her shortcomings as a daughter and feels undeserving of Suman’s love. Suman swiftly reassures Dhara that it is not the case. She emphasizes that she has loved and cared for everyone in their family, fulfilling her role as a daughter-in-law with utmost devotion. Suman affirms that their house is Dhara’s home as well. In a tender moment, Dhara embraces Suman tightly, seeking solace in her arms as tears stream down her face. Witnessing this heartfelt scene, Rishita is deeply moved and questions Chiku as to why he hasn’t gotten ready yet. Sensing the need for distance, Chiku promptly flees from the scene.

Meanwhile, Raavi assists Monty in preparing for school, reminiscing about the many things she has done for him. Shivs asserts that it is now his turn to take care of her and asks Monty to stand up against anyone who speaks ill of their family, assuring him that he will be there to support him. Raavi silently contemplates whether she should reveal that Shivs prevented Monty from engaging in a fight earlier.

Simultaneously, Sweta engages in a conversation over the phone, desperately pleading for a job opportunity. Fully aware that her name is not on their list, she implores them to grant her a chance, promising to attend an interview if given the opportunity. In the midst of this, Chiku approaches Sweta, seeking her help in organizing his books. Sweta, while combing Chiku’s hair, informs him that she has cooked paneer paratha for him. However, Chiku insists on having aloo paratha instead, and Sweta assures him she will prepare it for him. Dhara enters the room, taken aback by Chiku’s presence.

Natasha’s eyes welled up with tears as she watched her little brother getting ready for school. “I want to go to school too,” she sobbed, longing to join her friends. Rishita, quick on her feet, came up with a clever excuse to console Natasha. Meanwhile, Raavi intervened, preventing Monty from revealing the truth to Shiva, swiftly whisking him away.

Overhearing the conversation, Dhara turned to Chiku and expressed her anticipation of their outing together. However, Chiku, already prepared, seemed dismissive, declaring that he didn’t need her because his mother was Sweta, not Dhara. In an attempt to change his mind, Dhara fabricated a story about their classmates going on a picnic. Sweta, unfamiliar with the city, nodded in agreement. Dhara slyly remarked that she wasn’t entirely terrible at avoiding Sweta’s company, and Chiku, holding her hand, followed her out.

Rishita patiently waited for Raavi, while Shiv consoled her by offering to drop Natasha off at school, allowing Rishita to stay with her. Rishita’s heart filled with emotion as she observed Raavi and Shiva together. Shiva requested Dhara’s permission for Chiku to accompany them, but she lied and left without an explanation. Rishita’s emotions overwhelmed her when she found herself unable to afford medicine for Natasha. In that moment, Gowtham arrived, offering reassurance that he would purchase the necessary medicine.

Sweta entered the room, carrying a warm bowl of soup for Natasha. She apologized sincerely for her past actions. Chiku grew angry with Dhara, feeling betrayed by her lies once again.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara will express that her family is undergoing a dissolution. Raavi and Krish will insist that Dhara provide them with their respective shares. Dhara will state that their family is disintegrating due to financial concerns. Chiku opted for Sweta instead of Dhara.

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