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Pandya Store 22 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 22 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Dhara’s intense interrogation, where she sternly warns the three staff members that if any wrongdoing is discovered, she will ensure they face the consequences. Just as tension mounts, the original medical authority arrives, inquiring about their identities. The chief vigilance officer takes charge of the interrogation, introducing himself to Dhara and Krish. This unforeseen development leaves Dhara and Krish in a state of deep anxiety, pondering their next course of action.

In the midst of their distress, Dhara suddenly notices the approaching police, further escalating their unease. Unbeknownst to them, Shivang, concealed from sight, observes the unfolding drama. To their dismay, the police apprehend Dhara, Krish, and Prerna, while Shivang revels in their misfortune, mocking their pitiful state.

Little did they know that a few days prior, Shivang had infiltrated the laboratory and switched Shweta’s blood sample with Prerna’s. Now confined in police custody, Dhara contemplates how Shivang managed to infiltrate their ranks. She begins to piece together the chain of events and arrives at a conclusion: Shivang had uncovered their plan and successfully sabotaged it. However, Prerna fails to see any connection between Shweta and Shivang.

In an unexpected turn, a constable enters and announces that they have been granted bail. To their astonishment, they discover that Shivang had applied for their release. Filled with gratitude, Prerna embraces Shivang, expressing her deep appreciation for his actions.

Shivang reveals to Dhara, Krish, and Prerna how he fabricated a story to deceive the officers, making them believe that they were innocent. He even resorted to bribing the police to keep them silent. He manages to appear innocent, as if he knows nothing. When Prerna expresses her gratitude, Shivang seizes the opportunity and takes advantage of her vulnerable state. He inquires why they came to the hospital, despite Krish and Dhara’s opposition. Prerna decides to disclose the truth to Shivang. As she shares the details, Shivang’s mind becomes hazy, and he vaguely recollects his first encounter with Raavi, as if it happened in the past. He struggles to understand why old memories are flashing before his eyes, causing him to grow increasingly restless.

Upon returning home, Suman scolds Krish, Prerna, and Dhara, particularly directing harsh reprimands at Dhara. Shweta offers them juice and learns the truth when they mention rechecking her DNA. She taunts Dhara and Krish. Suman acknowledges the fact that Shweta is pregnant. Suman berates Shivang for going to the police station, emphasizing the strong friendship between himself and Prerna, asserting that it is his duty to save them. Brandishing a stick, Suman physically punishes them. Prerna is asked to leave the house, forcing her to find another place to stay. Shivang sees this as an opportunity to go to Canada, which further increases Krish’s anxiety.

Dhara confronted Shivang, demanding to know why he had gone to the hospital. However, Shivang refused to confess that he was the one who had sabotaged the plan. Feeling threatened, Shivang warned Dhara that if she discovered any evidence linking him to Shweta, she would ruin his future. Just then, Raavi intervened and scolded Dhara for her deceitful actions. Raavi reminded Dhara about the Shiva case and blamed her for neglecting Shiva’s well-being. Raavi proceeded to reveal how Arushi had offered her a deal, leaving Dhara bewildered. Shivang continued his act, pretending to support Raavi. Dhara promised to assist them. The following morning, Krish was once again instructed to go to the hospital and collect a blood sample. Suman called Krish for a serious discussion about his future, urging him to give up hope on Prerna and focus on Shweta instead. Krish became furious in response. Meanwhile, Dhara arrived at Arushi’s residence.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara arrives at Arushi’s house to engage in a conversation about Shiva’s marriage. Arushi greets her with a sarcastic welcome, anticipating another episode where her mother and Dhara will confront each other after years. Dhara, on the other hand, is determined to prove Shweta wrong once again and also hopes to bring Krish and Prerna back together, aiming to reunite them.

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