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Pandya Store 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with a scene where parents cause a commotion in front of the school, expressing their concerns about accompanying their children. The school peon informs them that school hours are already over. Amidst this, Chikku and the other kids overhear their conversation about Alian. Mittu advises Chikku that he might be going in the wrong direction, but Chikku remains determined, explaining that he has a different mission. He intends to search for Alian and find a new loving mother for him, as well as gift him numerous clothes and chocolates. Mittu departs from the scene.

Meanwhile, Natasha advises Chikku, mentioning that Dhara is a kind-hearted person. Chikku, however, insists that Dhara will only understand his pain once his mother starts taunting her. With that, he walks away, followed by Natasha. In the meantime, Mittu reaches home and narrates the incident involving Chikku to the others.

Gautham expresses his concerns, stating that it is dangerous to venture out at this time, especially considering that nearly 25 children have gone missing. The children begin to cry, but Suman encourages them, reminding them that they are superheroes and should refrain from shedding tears. Determined, they decide to search for the missing kids and set off.

Simultaneously, Arushi arrives at the location. She recalls the moment when she discovered some unusual happenings, which others mistakenly assumed to be a UFO sighting. Arushi is determined not to let Dhara escape, as she feels Dhara has played a role in her life. She returns to reality and waits for Dhara at the designated spot. Meanwhile, Gautham and the others encounter a roadblock set up by the police, who inform them about the widespread fear of Alian. Gautham takes charge and drives the car towards the police station.

Arushi dials the goon’s number, eagerly inquiring if their plan is progressing smoothly. He assures her that he’s all set on his bike to pick her up. Just then, Arushi notices Dhara approaching the location. She quickly informs the goon that she’s on her way. Dhara wonders why she had given such a specific address, and as she looks around, she sees people frantically running for their lives.

Amidst the chaos, the bike approaches Arushi. She hops on, taking a seat behind the goon, and they speed away. Dhara spots her and desperately wishes to rescue her. As she listens intently, she hears the voices of Chikku and Natasha nearby, wondering what the children are doing there. Dhara rushes towards their location, determined to keep them safe.

Meanwhile, Gautham reaches the police station to file a complaint. However, the inspector is hesitant due to the number of missing people and the pressure they are facing. With no other choice, they are forced to remain silent in this dire situation. Undeterred, Gautham promises Suman that he will find the children and instructs them to return home. Shiva insists on accompanying him, pledging his support. Rishita engages in a heated argument, but Gautham manages to persuade them all.

Arushi notices that Dhara has arrived at the scene, struggling to catch her breath. Spotting a mask nearby, she quickly puts it on and flees, ensuring Dhara’s safety. Malti also notices the commotion, worrying about Dhara and Arushi’s well-being. Gautham urges Rishita to cease her arguments, as he believes Dhara would never pose any harm to the kids. Eventually, Gautham and the others depart from the area. Meanwhile, Chikku informs Natasha that he’s going to meet Alian, disregarding her warning that he may be in danger. Ignoring her pleas, he runs off.

In the midst of all this, Dhara continues her search for the children, while Gautham’s car breaks down on the way.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gowtham will inform that Dhara and the children have gone missing amidst the chaos of the riot. Rishita expresses her urgency in locating them without delay. In response, Gowtham assures her that he is prepared to confront anyone in order to rescue them.

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