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Pandya Store 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with pandemonium erupting in Pandya Store. Dhara’s ears catch the piercing sound of Prerna’s distress, propelling her to swiftly rush home and rescue her. Within the confines of the house, Shivang forcefully attempts to kiss Prerna, leaving her feeling aghast in his embrace. Summoning her strength, she successfully frees herself from his clutches and hastily seeks refuge in another part of the house. Dhara arrives at the scene, her heart ablaze with indignation, and delivers a resounding slap across Shivang’s face. Overwhelmed with anguish, Prerna’s tears flow uncontrollably as she implores Dhara to contact the authorities, for Shivang violated her boundaries through his forceful advances.

Dhara contacts the police, prompting a response. Shivang apologizes to her, insisting on his absolute innocence and denying any improper behavior towards Prerna. Despite his claims, Prerna expresses her strong dislike for Shivang. Dhara, overwhelmed with anger, demands that he leave the house immediately. In the midst of the commotion, Suman and Gautam arrive on the scene. Prerna confides in Suman, recounting how Shivang forcefully attempted to get close to her. Overwhelmed with emotion, Prerna breaks down in tears. Gautam and Dev also join in, resorting to physical violence against Shivang. Gambi and Dev deliver a severe beating to Shivang.

In the heat of the moment, Gautam angrily wishes for Shivang’s demise. Shivang retreats indoors, contemplating another dramatic outburst. However, Gautam prevents this from happening. Shivang then takes hold of Prerna’s hand in front of everyone, vehemently asserting that he will never let go as she is his wife. He strenuously attempts to prove their marital bond, but Prerna firmly declares that she doesn’t even consider him a friend. Shivang points out Prerna’s friendly behavior towards him as evidence, but his arguments are interrupted by the arrival of Shweta. Once again, he references the marriage ceremony as proof of his union with Prerna. Shivang endeavors to justify his actions, arguing that he was making love to his own wife, implying that no wrongdoing occurred.

Suman acknowledges feeling the intimacy between Prerna and Shivang as well. She believes that Shivang has the right to be intimate with his wife. Gautam and Dev also emphasize the importance of consent in a relationship. Suman questions why Prerna didn’t leave the house when she was asked to do so if she didn’t love Shivang. In response, Dhara supports Prerna, stating that it is not right to engage in closeness without the consent of the female partner, as it lacks respect. Rishita and Dhara join the conversation.

Prerna admits to having a friendly relationship with Shivang but clarifies that she stayed in the house because of Krish. Dhara also criticizes Shweta for not responding. Just then, Ravi arrives and supports Shivang, seemingly unaffected by the situation. Prerna protests, while Dhara continues to defend Shivang’s actions, causing a heated argument. Dhara is unwilling to believe Prerna’s perspective. Ravi takes Prerna to a room to uncover the truth.

Meanwhile, Arushi prepares herself as a bride, determined to marry Shiva on the same day. Her mother advises her to let go of her stubborn behavior, but Arushi is driven by a desire for revenge against Dhara.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara’s perception of Shivang crystallized when she witnessed him attempting to harm Prerna. Firmly resolved, she is determined to expel Shivang from their household.

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