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Pandya Store 23 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 23 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with the entrance of Dhara into Arushi’s home. As soon as Arushi’s mother spots Dhara at the gate, she becomes alarmed, her mind racing to figure out what to do. Hastily, she rushes to Arushi and urgently instructs her to hide herself. However, Arushi disregards her mother’s plea and rushes to open the door. Awkwardness fills the air as Arushi and Dhara lay eyes on each other. Dhara, with a resolute tone, implores Arushi to forget about Shiva, emphasizing that marrying him is an impossibility as he is already wedded to Raavi. Dhara sternly warns Arushi against toying with Shiva’s destiny. Meanwhile, Arushi’s mother, concealing her face, brings forth a tray of food for Dhara, hoping to extend a warm gesture. However, Dhara refuses to partake in any of it. Arushi introduces her mother to Dhara, and with a gentle plea, her mother insists that Dhara have some mango juice. Caught off guard by Arushi’s mother’s affectionate behavior, Dhara reluctantly accepts the glass and takes a sip of the juice. A peculiar sensation washes over her, evoking a surge of emotions within her.

Dhara vividly remembers her own mother witnessing the mango juice. As Arushi’s mother extends her hand to bless Dhara, Dhara gently reminds Arushi one last time about Shiva before departing. After leaving, a flame of anger ignites within Arushi as she realizes her mother offered mango juice to Dhara. Overwhelmed with devastation, Arushi begins to believe that her mother never loved her. Blaming her mother, she bursts out in a fit of anger, shouting at her. She insists her mother drinks the juice, even though her mother refuses, citing an allergy. Arushi compels her mother to consume the mango juice, and with a sudden jerk, her mother confesses that she doesn’t drink mango juice due to her guilt. Her mother’s guilt stems from depriving Dhara, causing her immense suffering. Arushi feels as if her entire childhood was a façade, a lie. She demands her mother to confront Dhara, but her mother resolutely declares that she will not face Dhara and will never admit to being Dhara’s mother.

Arushi immediately contacts Shiva, urging him to meet her urgently. Shiva agrees to the meeting, leaving Arushi’s mother curious as to why she is calling him. However, Arushi remains silent and unleashes her anger at her mother. Her mother declares her intention to leave town as soon as possible, but Arushi promises her mother that she will reunite her with Dhara.

In this scenario, Prerna embraces Krish, but he responds rudely to her gesture. He questions Prerna about her friendly behavior towards Shivang, explicitly expressing his disapproval of their closeness. Krish openly states his aversion to the proximity between Prerna and Shivang, citing his fear that Suman desires a marital relationship between them. He believes that Suman hopes Prerna and Shivang will end up together.

Prerna acknowledges the existence of a generation gap between them and dismisses Krish’s concerns. However, Krish continues to worry that Shivang might win Prerna’s affection. Feeling offended, Prerna reacts with disrespect towards Krish, assuming that he doubts her loyalty.

Meanwhile, Shweta reprimands Shivang for aiding in the release of Krish, Dhara, and Prerna. Shweta and Shivang then form an alliance and conspire against Dhara once again. Subsequently, Krish and Dhara return to the hospital to retrieve the original blood sample. As they approach the laboratory, they encounter resistance from a receptionist who claims to have never seen them before. Despite the setback, Krish insists on verifying the spelling of their names. The receptionist conducts another search and eventually allows Krish and Dhara to enter the laboratory.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arushi makes a firm commitment to herself that she will step into Pandya Store, determined to bring her mother and Dhara together once more. She eagerly anticipates the unfolding of another intense spectacle, where her mother and Dhara will finally come face to face after years apart. In this pivotal moment, Dhara is resolute in her efforts to prove Shweta wrong once again and, simultaneously, yearns to reunite Krish and Prerna.

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