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Pandya Store 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Gautham hugging Dhara and thanking God that she is safe. Dhara notices Malti and checks her vitals. Shiva suggests taking her to the hospital, but Malti stops them. Dhara assures her that nothing will happen to her, as she is there with her. Malti asks her to leave, but Dhara refuses, saying that she will not leave her in this state after she risked her life to save her. Arushi watches them from afar. Dhara tells Malti that she loves her and that is why she saved her life. She promises that nothing will happen to her. Chikku notices them and Dhara assures her that everything will be fine.

Malti tells Dhara that every mother is like her, and that they will risk their lives to save their children. She shares her grief with Dhara and says that she wants to die in her lap. She asks Dhara to forgive Arushi, as she did everything out of anger. She is angry with Dhara, that is why. She asks Dhara to forgive her. Dhara tells her that she will not allow anything to happen to her. Malti takes her last breath, and Arushi and Dhara are shocked to see it.

Dhara urgently dials her mother’s number, her voice trembling with anxiety. “Mom, please open your eyes and look at me,” she implores. Turning to Gautham, she tearfully informs him, “Mom isn’t opening her eyes.” Her desperation echoes as she repeats her plea, urging her mother to awaken. Overwhelmed by regret, Arushi deeply laments her past mistakes, seeking solace from Gautham’s comforting presence. Dhara, unable to contain her anguish any longer, embraces her mother tightly, weeping inconsolably. The weight of remorse intensifies as Arushi’s tears mingle with Dhara’s, realizing the gravity of her past actions and the blindness she possessed. Memories flood Dhara’s mind, replaying the moments she had belittled and humiliated Malti, her heart aching with the realization of her ignorance and her failure to grasp the truth. Overwhelmed by emotion, Dhara recalls the immense love she had once showered upon her mother, memories that now bring tears streaming down her face. The intensity of her emotions takes its toll, and Dhara collapses, losing consciousness.

In a desperate attempt to revive her, Shiva and Gautham frantically shake her, hoping to rouse her from her faint. Rishitha attends to Natasha’s injury with care, while Sweta finds solace in Chikku’s embrace. Gautham, with Dhara cradled in his arms, rushes her towards the waiting ambulance. Inside the hospital, doctors attend to the children, providing them with necessary treatment, while Malti’s lifeless body is solemnly transported from the operating room. Unexpectedly, Arushi arrives, now donning a uniform, and her heart breaks as she witnesses the sight of her departed mother.

Gautham anxiously questions Shiva about Chikku’s condition, but he remains unconscious. Arushi’s tears continue to flow as she reflects on the contentious relationship she had with her mother. She regrets the blame she had cast upon her and the constant display of resentment, always comparing her mother’s love unfavorably to Dhara’s. In a moment of remorse, she curses herself, vowing never to have a mother like Malti in any future life. She desperately pleads for her mother’s forgiveness, acknowledging her failure to understand and appreciate her. Malti’s body is solemnly carried away from their presence.

Arushi’s tears continue to flow unabated as Dhara finally regains consciousness. Gautham, relieved, inquires about her well-being. Dhara’s immediate concern is for the children, and Gautham reassures her that they are receiving medical attention. Chikku, having regained consciousness himself, notices Dhara’s outstretched hand, triggering a memory of Malti’s words about a mother’s loving gesture. Choosing to embrace Sweta as a mother figure, he leaves Dhara behind, causing her heart to ache with a mix of emotions.

Sweta tenderly checks on Chikku, seeking assurance of his well-being, and he responds with a comforting reassurance. Dhara’s mind races back to memories of Malti, the woman who had saved her life. In her quest for answers, she frantically questions Chikku about their mother’s whereabouts, only to be met with Gautham’s attempt at consolation. Dhara’s agitation escalates, and amidst the chaos, the police grant an interview to the media. Krish and the others, watching the news, experience profound relief upon discovering the safety of their family. Raavi clings tightly to Prerna, their shock overwhelming as they witness the tragic news of Malti’s demise and the removal of her lifeless body. Prerna, clutching her stomach, grieves deeply, the weight of the loss resonating within her. In her desperation, Dhara’s voice echoes through the tumultuous scene, as she searches for her mother, creating a commotion that draws attention. And in that heart-wrenching moment, the doctor delivers the devastating truth – Malti is no more.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara will express to Arushi that her intense animosity towards her has devastated her own life and tragically claimed Malti’s life as well. She will firmly convey that she cannot forgive her, therefore urging Arushi to maintain a distance from her.

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