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Pandya Store 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Suman comforting Dhara as she appears distraught. Suddenly, Raavi enters the scene and accuses Dhara of being a liar. The truth has finally been revealed, and Raavi asserts that kidnapping him was the right course of action. Dhara, taken aback, questions why they are toying with his emotions. Rishita steps forward and admits that it was her and Dev’s plan. They had hoped that by recreating a similar situation, his memories would resurface. Dhara inquires if his memories have indeed returned, only to be met with his denial.

Frustrated, Dhara voices her grievances, stating that they never include her in any of their discussions. Raavi interjects, affirming that Dhara is correct because she excels in planning and plotting. Furthermore, she made a promise to Dev to arrange his marriage with Arushi. Meanwhile, Malti warns Arushi about the consequences of making the wrong decisions, emphasizing that she cannot allow her to ruin Dhara’s life.

Arushi boldly declares that she is determined to ruin Dhara’s life as well, asserting that she cannot allow her to enjoy a better life than her own. Raavi playfully suggests that Dhara should celebrate this revelation by indulging in some sweets. She prompts Dev to share the news with Suman. Overhearing this, Raavi becomes emotional, touched by Dev’s defense of Dhara’s actions. Dhara explains that she had no other choice. Dev was on the brink of a fatal accident, and in desperation, he demanded that she promise to save him or else he would take his own life. Left with no alternative, she made the promise.

Suman expresses to Suman how overwhelmed she feels after hearing everything, likening it to a heart attack. The confusion caused by everyone’s opinions adds to her distress. Dhara questions her, asking if she truly believes she can play with her son’s life and why she should lie to him. Raavi chimes in, questioning whether they would accept her making a promise to marry someone else in a similar situation. Dhara advises her to refrain from making hasty decisions, as her actions have been causing confusion and distress. Raavi further asks if she has any alternative plans. Dhara remains silent, withholding her response.

Dhara shares her desire to arrange this wedding, attempting to make them understand her perspective. Suman refuses to accept it, pleading with her not to proceed with such a plan. Raavi declares her disinterest in the matter. Just then, Gautham and Krish arrive at the scene. Gautham questions the ongoing discussion and the plan for another wedding, expressing concerns about the financial burden it would impose as weddings are expensive. Dhara explains that they need to orchestrate this wedding to recreate a specific moment or trigger his memories. Dev, having been married twice, suggests arranging a wedding with Rishita once again. Suman interjects, emphasizing the need to prioritize Prerna’s wedding due to her pregnancy. Dhara suggests combining the weddings, believing it will resolve all their issues.

Sweta reflects on her betrayal of the Pandya family, recalling her actions. Raavi expresses her lack of trust in Dhara, while Krish voices his reluctance to marry again, citing his past experiences and the risks involved. He highlights Dhara’s frequent involvement in planning multiple weddings every year. Suman scolds him for his remark. Dhara implores everyone to trust her and stand by her side, explaining that she had to resort to this plan to help her husband regain his memories. Raavi warns Dhara that if anything goes wrong, she won’t spare them and even threatens to harm her and her sister, Arushi. Gautham advises Raavi to refrain from making such statements in Dhara’s presence. Dhara responds assertively, stating that Raavi can target her if she wishes but must refrain from mentioning Arushi as her sister. Raavi storms off, while Krish reiterates his disinterest in getting married. Rishita expresses her happiness at the prospect of marrying again. Dhara suggests informing Prerna about the plan.

Sweta wrestles with her decision and its implications, while Prerna searches for a beautiful name for her baby. Suman and the others join her, and Raavi embraces Prerna, apologizing for her past mistakes. Prerna reassures Raavi that she was not at fault and offers her comfort. Suman advises her to take her medication and eat on time, attempting to convince her to consider their plan. However, Prerna remains resolute. Dhara informs Prerna about the wedding arrangements, involving Krish, Rishita, Dev, Raavi, and Shiva. Prerna inquires if there are any further complications, but they assure her that everything will go smoothly. Sweta overhears their conversation, contemplating why this news is causing her such pain. She has always struggled with financial matters, but this revelation affects her deeply. Meanwhile, Prerna agrees to the marriage proposal.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arushi’s excitement will soar upon meeting Siva, but it will be quickly overshadowed by shock as she discovers him in the company of Dhara. Despite the surprising sight, Dhara will extend a sweet gesture to Arushi, offering her a treat. Furthermore, Dhara will express her complete lack of objection towards the union between Arushi and Siva.

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