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Pandya Store 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Dhara knocking on Shiva’s door, but her suspicions arise when she doesn’t hear any response. Upon entering his room, she discovers that Shiva has escaped. Dhara immediately informs the rest of the family members about Shiva’s elopement. Raavi’s worst fears are realized, and Prerna remarks that it’s a good thing their wedding had already taken place, otherwise it would have been halted. Dhara accuses herself of being selfish, while Raavi is left in anguish. Rishita expresses her inability to enjoy her own wedding due to the situation.

Meanwhile, Malti calls Dhara and urgently reveals that Shiva and Arushi are planning to marry in the temple. She implores Dhara to intervene and stop the wedding as soon as possible. Raavi, feeling betrayed by Dhara’s broken promise to arrange her marriage with Shiva, expresses her desperation and even contemplates her own demise. Dhara reassures Raavi that she won’t allow the wedding to proceed.

Cutting to the temple, Siva and Arushi are engaged in the wedding rituals. Siva questions Arushi about her happiness, to which she responds that she eagerly anticipates becoming his Parvathy (his beloved).

Back at the Pandya household, the family members are preparing to depart. Rishita laments that her own wedding has been halted, while Raavi, consumed by the fact that her husband is marrying someone else, prioritizes her own wedding concerns. She vows not to spare anyone if Shiva goes through with the marriage. Raavi confronts Sweta, questioning her intentions in this situation. Sweta asserts that as family, it is their responsibility to intervene and prevent the wedding.

Meanwhile, Malti pleads with the priest to halt the wedding, arguing that it is a sin for Shiva to marry again when he is already married. She blames Arushi for being blindly in love, and in a fit of anger, Arushi pushes Malti, causing her to fall. Arushi confesses that her actions don’t stem from happiness; she no longer needs Malti’s blessings. Siva interjects, reminding Arushi that Malti is her mother and she shouldn’t treat her this way. Realizing her mistake, Arushi apologizes to Siva.

Meanwhile, Pinky expresses to Chikku her fondness for the doll. Acting swiftly, Chikku snatches the doll from the hands of a passing stranger and passes it on to Pinky, swiftly closing the window. This unexpected turn of events prompts the stranger to halt his car and confront Gautham, questioning his audacity to steal the doll. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Pinky intervenes, urging the stranger not to label her brother as a thief. Displaying remorse, she returns the doll to its rightful owner. However, the stranger’s anger flares up, resulting in a sudden slap directed at Gautham. The altercation escalates into a heated brawl, causing a traffic jam to ensue on the road.

Amidst the commotion, Dhara arrives at the scene, bewildered by the unfolding chaos. Seeking clarification, she queries those present about the cause of the ruckus. One of the bystanders informs her about the ongoing fight, prompting Raavi to express her frustration, lamenting the constant misfortunes plaguing her life. Vowing to take drastic measures, she threatens to send anyone who marries Arushi to jail. Dhara, observing Gautham embroiled in the scuffle, steps in to intervene, demanding an explanation from the involved parties.

The stranger proceeds to narrate the sequence of events to Dhara, who voices her dissatisfaction, reprimanding the adults for their failure to guide the child and instead resorting to violence, which has caused the ensuing traffic congestion. Frustrated by the situation, the stranger confiscates the doll from Dhara and departs.

Meanwhile, Siva and Arushi find themselves seated at the mandap, commencing their wedding rituals. The priest chants sacred mantras as Siva and Arushi partake in the pheras together. Amidst the ceremonial proceedings, Siva experiences vivid flashbacks from his past, gradually bringing clarity to his blurred memories of Raavi and their child. Overwhelmed by the resurgence of these recollections, Siva requests Arushi to step aside, prompting him to untie the gathbandhan, symbolically breaking the marital bond.

In the midst of these dramatic developments, the Pandya family arrives at the venue. Siva’s joy is palpable upon seeing Raavi’s presence. Confusion engulfs Arushi, as she remains oblivious to the reasons behind Siva’s actions, completely unaware of the emotional turmoil he is currently grappling with.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arushi will approach Siva with a proposal of marriage, expressing her confidence in her ability to be a nurturing mother figure to his child. However, Raavi, filled with anger, responds by slapping Arushi and questioning whether she has any sense of shame for attempting to separate a husband from his wife and a father from their child.

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