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Pandya Store 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Shiva’s attention being drawn to Raavi sprinting towards him. He utters that he is Raavi’s Shiva, and her face lights up with joy as she embraces him tightly. Arushi stands there, taken aback by the sight before her. Malti approaches and attempts to console Arushi, who expresses her disdain, stating that everything unfolded exactly as she had predicted. She despises Malti for it. Shiva turns to Raavi, acknowledging the pain he caused her, and solemnly swears not to inflict any more suffering upon her. Overwhelmed with emotion, Raavi confesses her love for him, and he reciprocates, pouring out his feelings for her. They embrace passionately while Dev, Krish, and Gautham join in the jubilation, expressing their happiness through heartfelt hugs. Dhara and Suman can hardly contain their delight as they witness the reunion. Shiva proceeds to embrace each person individually, savoring the moment. Suman takes the opportunity to share her happiness with Shiva, hoping it will trigger the return of his memories. Dhara playfully admonishes him, acknowledging the troubles he caused them, but reassures him that everything is now back on track. Dev, curious about Shiva’s memory recovery, questions him about Rishita. Shiva clarifies that Rishita is his friend’s wife, not a significant figure in his recollection. Dev playfully complains about Shiva’s lack of complete memory restoration, jesting that he hasn’t fully regained his memories yet.

Shiva reveals to him that she has been playing a prank on him all along. She is actually his sister-in-law, Rishita. How could he forget her? Overwhelmed with joy, he embraces her tightly. He proceeds to introduce everyone to each other. Shiva informs his son that he is his real father, while Dev tells him that Shiva is his father. Raavi adds that he is like a mirror reflection of himself. Shiva showers the children with affection, hugging them warmly. Dhara asks if he caused any trouble when he lost his memory. Dev remarks that there is indeed a list of incidents. Dhara confirms that he troubled them quite a lot.

Just then, Arushi arrives and shares that she has yet to find love in her life, but she trusts Shiva and asks him to marry her. She desires to become a mother to her son. Raavi, however, intervenes and slaps Arushi, reprimanding her for her devious intentions. Raavi accuses Arushi of trying to separate a child from his father and a wife from her husband. Malti advises Arushi not to stoop so low, while Dhara comes to Malti’s defense and holds her.

Dhara confronts Arushi, questioning if she believes she can take advantage of the situation and marry Shiva. Dhara asserts that everyone would applaud such a move. Arushi retorts, expressing her wish that she never has a mother like Malti or a sister like Dhara again. She runs away from the scene. Suman believes that the problem has been resolved and mentions that Rishita had been complaining about not being married yet. Suman instructs the priest to proceed with their wedding ceremony. Dev and Rishita begin their marriage rituals by taking the sacred rounds together. Following them, Shiva and Raavi also perform the pheras. The atmosphere fills with flower petals as everyone offers their prayers to God. The married couples seek blessings from Suman. Eventually, they all head back home, brimming with happiness.

The Pandya family arrives at their house, with Chikku rushing inside, followed by Dhara. Suman invites the neighbors to witness the wedding taking place in their home, knowing they always gather for any event happening in her house. However, the neighbors leave, as there is an alien sighting elsewhere. Arushi recollects the incidents while walking on the road. Malti worries about Arushi, realizing that her anger has caused her distress. Arushi notices people running to save their lives and inquires about the commotion. Meanwhile, Dhara confronts Chikku about why he stole the doll. Chikku explains the situation, calling her a bad mother.

[Episode End]

Precap : Chikku will position himself discreetly behind Sweta, prompting Dhara to question why he is hiding behind her. In response, Dhara will disclose that he made an error and refer to herself as an unfit mother. Concerned, Sweta will request Chikku to apologize. However, he will assert that Sweta is not his mother.

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