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Pandya Store 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with the Pandya children contemplating how to transport Prerna, who is in pain, to the hospital. Their eyes fall upon a cart, and they swiftly decide to utilize it for Prerna’s transportation. With determination, the Pandya kids carefully place Prerna in the cart and embark on their journey to the hospital. Unbeknownst to them, Krish and Dev are already present at the medical facility. As they catch sight of Prerna’s distressing condition, shock courses through their veins. Krish’s concern for Prerna intensifies, leaving the children astonished, considering his marital bond with Shweta. Meanwhile, Shweta herself bears witness to this unexpected display of worry from Krish. The doctor promptly arrives on the scene and escorts Prerna for necessary medical attention. Seizing the opportunity, the Pandya children proceed to apprise Krish of the events leading up to Prerna’s current state.

In a separate location, the rest of the family congregates outside the police station. Raavi implores Shiva to accompany them home, but he adamantly refuses. Just then, Rishita receives an incoming call from Dev. Anxiously, Dev relays the news that Prerna has been admitted to the hospital. On a different note, Arushi’s mother prepares herself to depart from the city, determined to spare Dhara any further troubles. She calls out to Arushi, who emerges dressed identically to Dhara. Arushi expresses her grievances about her mother’s lifelong torment, forcing her to emulate Dhara’s persona, and announces her intention to seek vengeance against Dhara for all her suffering. She decisively declares her choice to reside with the Pandyas, leaving her mother utterly bewildered.

The Pandyas find themselves at the hospital, and Suman ponders about Dhara’s whereabouts while they are all present. Meanwhile, Arushi’s mother attempts to restrain Arushi and urges her not to punish Dhara for her mistake. Arushi retorts that Dhara should have considered the consequences before bringing her to Somnaath. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, causing a momentary interruption. At that moment, the doctor delivers the astonishing news to the Pandyas that Prerna and her child are in good health.

Simultaneously, Arushi’s mother opens the door and is taken aback to see Dhara. Reacting impulsively, Arushi hurls a flower vase at Dhara, who swiftly evades it. Arushi’s mother is shocked and admonishes Arushi, calling out her name in distress. Within the same context, the Pandyas misinterpret the situation and mistakenly believe that Prerna is carrying Shivang’s child. Krish contemplates how to disclose to his family that he is the real father of the child. Amidst the Pandyas scolding Shivang and expressing sympathy for Prerna, Krish boldly reveals himself as the father, shocking the entire family.

On another front, Arushi’s mother slaps Arushi, prompting Arushi to shout back, accusing her mother of favoring Dhara over her by resorting to physical violence. Dhara intervenes, shouting for them to cease their theatrics, and berates her mother, accusing her of running away for money. Dhara hands her mother a sum of one lakh and instructs her to leave the city. Arushi tosses the money aside and brags about her ability to earn a substantial income with her educational qualifications. In turn, Dhara taunts Arushi for pursuing a married man and places the blame on her mother’s upbringing. Meanwhile, the Pandyas are left stunned upon discovering that Krish and Prerna became intimate before their marriage.

Furthermore, Arushi makes a futile attempt to slap Dhara, only to have her hand intercepted by Dhara’s firm grip. Arushi challenges Dhara, declaring her intention to marry Shiva.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara is determined to remove Arushi and her mother from the city. In response, Arushi chuckles and assures Dhara that she will reveal the truth to everyone—that Dhara is her step-sister.

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