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Pandya Store 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Sweta engulfed in remorse over her past mistakes. Memories flood her mind as she reflects on her actions. Desperate to convey her love to Chikku, she reaches out her hand, only to have him push it away. Perplexed by his cold treatment, she questions why he is ignoring her, emphasizing that she is the one who gave birth to him. Sweta pleads with him to at least engage in a conversation with her, but he pays no attention to her pleas.

Meanwhile, Arushi becomes suspicious of Malti’s intentions, sensing that something is amiss in her thoughts. Determined to keep a close watch on her, Arushi finds herself filled with anticipation as she looks forward to meeting Siva. However, her excitement quickly transforms into shock when she discovers Dhara’s presence at the rendezvous. Dhara instructs Siva to carry out a task while he lovingly feeds Arushi some sweets. Dhara reveals her desire to marry Siva, asserting that their wish has been granted. Siva expresses his astonishment, questioning why Dhara didn’t inform Arushi that his family would wholeheartedly accept their love. Dhara then presents Malti with sweets, implying that she is now a part of their family, and suggests that Arushi is following a similar path. Dhara urges Siva to depart, citing their numerous pending responsibilities.

Later on, Krish asks Prerna if she is excited about their upcoming wedding. Prerna reminds him that they are not yet married and expresses her doubts about whether Sweta has signed the divorce papers. Krish reassures her that he will handle it. Sweta, who has overheard their conversation, is scolded by Krish for eavesdropping. She informs him that she has no intention of arguing with him and reveals the divorce papers she possesses. Sweta swiftly snatches the papers from Krish, asserting her intention to give them to Dhara. Perplexed by her actions, Krish wonders what is transpiring in her mind and questions whether she has ulterior motives. Sweta instructs him to go and spend time with Prerna, while she insists on discussing matters with Dhara. Later, Dhara instructs everyone to stick to their plan and informs Siva that she needs to visit the bank. She asks him to return home alone in the same car before departing from the scene.

Meanwhile, Siva was taken aback when he witnessed Dev and Rishita dancing together. Rishita, sensing his approach, informed him that he was interrupting their moment. Dev, with a nonchalant attitude, stated that they had found an opportunity to enjoy a romantic encounter, suggesting they make the most of it. Siva positioned himself between them, stamping on his feet in an attempt to free himself from the situation. Dev retaliated by doing the same to Rishita.

At the same time, Raavi was growing increasingly agitated as she anxiously awaited Siva’s return at home. Suman, noticing her distress, inquired about the reason behind her repetitive behavior. Raavi expressed her concern that Siva had not yet come back, revealing her lack of faith in Dhara’s plan. Dhara, urging her to stick to the plan instead of complaining, responded. In the midst of this, Gowtham appeared and tried to engage in a romantic moment with Dhara. Dhara reprimanded him, pointing out that their family was facing a problem, and he should focus on that. Suman spotted Siva’s arrival and pretended to scold Raavi for not serving her food on time. Apologizing, Raavi explained that she had been occupied with various household chores, leaving her with no time to cook.

Suman dismissed Raavi’s reaction, causing Raavi to make displeased faces. Gowtham commented that she was overreacting, drawing Dhara’s request for him to let the matter go. Raavi turned to Siva and asked if he wanted something to eat, to which he replied that something was amiss, that nothing seemed to be going right. Raavi sought clarification, and Siva divulged to Suman that Rishita, despite being his friend’s wife, was staying in his room, and nobody seemed to care about it. He expressed his closeness to her. Siva proceeded to pack Rishita’s belongings and demanded that she leave the house. However, Rishita refused to comply. In front of everyone, Dev proposed to Rishita, causing the family members to feign heartbroken tears. Siva urged them to stop the charade and confronted Dev, asserting his love for Rishita as the reason for initiating divorce proceedings with Raavi.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara will inquire of Sweta whether she recalls the promise made to her. Sweta will affirm that she has indeed fulfilled her commitment by leaving Krish, as she had stated. Furthermore, Sweta will earnestly implore Dhara to return Chikku to her, emphasizing that this small act of kindness is the least Dhara can offer to her adversary in return.

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