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Pandya Store 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Dhara questioning Chikku about why he took a child’s doll. Chikku denies stealing anything, explaining that he merely gave the doll to Pinky. He accuses Dhara of being a bad mom, but she insists that he is avoiding her questions by resorting to such remarks. Chikku flees from Dhara and seeks refuge behind Sweta. Dhara calls out to him, questioning why he is hiding behind her. In response, Chikku declares his hatred for her, prompting Dhara to reprimand him. Sweta intervenes, urging Dhara to let it go, reminding her that he is just a child. Dhara reveals Chikku’s misdeeds, including stealing the doll and receiving a zero on his exam. When she confronted him about these actions, he labeled her as a bad mother. She expresses her indifference to his opinion, emphasizing her commitment to changing him.

Sweta suggests that he will change in due course. Dhara asserts that she cannot simply leave it at that. Why should a mother hold a negative perception of her own son? Dhara reflects on how she insulted Malti and realizes that she cannot overlook Chikku’s mistakes either. Rishita and Raavi concur, stating that they must teach him right from wrong and not ignore his minor errors, as other children may learn from him. Sweta requests Chikku to apologize to Dhara for his wrongdoing, but Dhara claims she does not need his apology. Instead, she implores Sweta to help him understand. Suman inquires about Dhara’s destination as she prepares to leave, and Dhara provides her with a vague reason before departing.

Dhara encounters Malti and expresses her intention to apologize to her mother. In response, Malti asserts that she hasn’t done anything wrong. Dhara acknowledges that she never inquired about Malti’s reasons for her decisions and never gave her a chance to explain herself. Dhara addresses Malti as “mom,” embraces her tightly, and sheds tears of remorse.

Meanwhile, Suman captivates the children with her stories, and they shower her with affection. However, Chikku remains unresponsive. Suman questions whether he enjoys the story, to which he falsely claims he does. Seeing through his facade, Suman asserts that she understands what he’s truly thinking. She explains that a mother sometimes resorts to reprimanding her children to guide them onto the right path. Chikku shouldn’t misunderstand her intentions, as even his chacha (uncle) has faced numerous reprimands from her. Suman imparts advice to Chikku.

Later, Malti confides in Dhara that her father never expressed love for her and always doubted her character. Despite considering someone as her brother, her father suspected her of having an affair with him. All she desired was a little care and affection from her father. Eventually, she grew weary and eloped with Arushi’s father, who also had a son. Life was good until Arushi’s father passed away. However, his son eventually forced them out after a few years.

Dhara becomes emotional upon learning about Malti’s past. She assures Malti that a mother never harbors ill thoughts about her children, and they share a heartfelt embrace while shedding tears. Meanwhile, the children engage in a discussion about aliens. Rishita claims there are no aliens in the world, while Prerna asserts their existence, citing a recent UFO sighting. Raavi mocks Prerna’s belief. A knock on the door startles the children, causing them to scatter. Prerna urges them to open the door, but Raavi and Rishita are afraid. Rishita eventually opens the door, and a neighbor presents her with an ice cream. Sweta explains that she ordered the ice cream to uplift Chikku’s mood after the earlier incident. Rishita advises against giving them ice cream now, as it’s dinnertime. Sweta disregards Rishita’s suggestion and gives the ice cream to Chikku. Observing this, Dhara intervenes and instructs Chikku not to eat it.

As dinnertime arrives, Chikku insists that he wants the ice cream rather than the food. Dhara reprimands him, emphasizing that he shouldn’t disrespect the food and questions who will eat it instead. Chikku retorts by asking her to throw it away. Dhara scolds him, and in the midst of the confrontation, his ice cream falls to the ground, which he proceeds to lick. Dhara becomes enraged at this sight.

Suman advises Dhara to let Chikku be, as he won’t listen to her reasoning. Rishita complains that he doesn’t listen to anyone in the household. Dhara informs Sweta that she won’t permit her children to consume outside food during dinner. She requests Sweta to consult her before buying anything for her kids. Frustrated, Dhara displays her exasperation in the kitchen, prompting Suman to offer her advice.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gautham will express to Rishita his lack of knowledge regarding the whereabouts of the children and Dhara.

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