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Pandya Store 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Sweta approaching Dhara and confessing that she has left Krish, but she desperately wants her son, Chikku, back. Dhara firmly responds, stating that she won’t sacrifice her son’s well-being for Sweta’s desires. Sweta clarifies that she isn’t asking Dhara to send Chikku away with her; all she wants is his affection. Sweta admits feeling envious of the love everyone showers on Dhara and desires the same affection from Chikku. During her hospitalization, Sweta experienced loneliness and recognized the significance of family and relationships. She realized that no one stood by her side during that difficult time and now wants to establish a close bond with Chikku, despite his strong resentment towards her. Through these arguments, Sweta learns the importance of family bonds. Dhara tells her that love cannot be bought or manipulated to suit her needs. Sweta suggests that she could at least do it to her enemies.

Dhara ponders over Sweta’s words, contemplating whether she should separate her from Chikku. In her desperate search for Chikku, Dhara eventually finds him. As she touches him, Chikku mumbles in his sleep, mistaking her for Sweta. Later, Krish and Prerna express gratitude towards Sweta for agreeing to the divorce. Sweta humbly responds, saying there’s no need for apologies and suggests rebuilding their friendship. Prerna conveys her love and support for Sweta’s newfound family.

Sweta discloses to Dhara that nothing happened between Krish and her on that night. She assures Dhara that Krish loves Prerna and belongs to her. They both leave the scene. Meanwhile, the Haldi ceremony commences. Dhara ponders over Sweta’s state of mind while Raavi complains to Dhara about her lack of concern for her. Dhara explains that she is organizing everyone’s weddings for Raavi’s sake. However, Raavi feels uneasy in that environment. She asks Sweta to take Siva with her, and Gowtham offers to accompany them.

Sweta insists that they must always wear a smile. Dhara responds with a fitting reply, questioning Sweta’s genuine concern for everyone. Gowtham urges Siva to quickly get ready and come downstairs. Sweta informs Raavi that she will take Siva along. In the midst of this, Sweta accidentally bumps into Siva, and he scolds her for her carelessness. Sweta lies to him, claiming that Raavi was crying, causing her distraction. Siva reprimands her for being inattentive.

Suman requests Dhara to allow her to apply haldi to the couple. Suman proceeds to apply haldi on them. Dhara instructs Raavi to pretend to cry, but Raavi’s tears seem forced. Dhara advises her to display more natural emotions. Raavi embraces Siva and begins crying. Sweta asks Siva to console her. Raavi complains to Siva about Dev planning to marry Rishita. Siva berates Dev for trying to marry Rishita while his first wife is still at home. Dev claims that he no longer has any feelings for his first wife and that they are divorced. Siva expresses his frustration about having to attend the wedding while he himself is getting married. He pushes everyone away and demands that they apply haldi to him.

Dev questions what is happening, and Siva asks them to apply haldi on him. Suman reminds him that he is expecting a baby and yet claims to love Rishita. She remarks on how she has to go along with all this. Raavi applies haldi to Siva and playfully smears some on her cheek. Siva tells her not to waste the haldi as they need to give some to Arushi. Raavi becomes angry, and when Siva inquires about the haldi, she informs him that the bride has already applied it. Dhara corrects her, stating that they sent it there. The children start playing around, and Dhara scolds them. Siva asks who will accompany him to Arushi’s house, and Raavi volunteers, but he declines her offer. Instead, he asks Sweta to accompany him. Later, Dhara attends Chikku’s parent-teacher meeting and feels disappointed with his report card.

[Episode End]

Precap : Siva will declare that his family has given their consent to his marriage. No one possesses the power to hinder his union with Arushi this time. Raavi, on the other hand, will assert that it is the final opportunity to restore Shiva’s recollections. She is prepared to go to any lengths to prevent this wedding from taking place.

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