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Pandya Store 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Arushi sending her selfie with another person named Arushi to Dhara. However, Raavi snatches the phone from her and is taken aback when she sees the picture. She questions Arushi about Shiva seeing her and why she sent the picture to Dhara. Raavi asserts that she won’t let Arushi get away with it and vows to end their relationship once and for all. In response, Dhara believes that this situation will lead them to uncover the truth about Malti. Dhara expresses her expectation of Arushi’s actions, aiming to provoke her and create a rift between her and Shiva. Dhara reassures Raavi that she will handle the situation and prevent her from marrying Shiva.

Rishita agrees with Dhara, acknowledging that she was correct in her assumptions. Rishita inquires about Prerna, and in response, Rishita discloses the details about the pregnancy. Dhara offers to cook food for Prerna and the baby and then leaves the room. Everyone present is astonished by Dhara’s unexpected reaction. Gautham comments on how Dhara calmly accepts shocking news, but Suman senses that something serious is occupying her mind. They decide to find out what it is. Meanwhile, Raavi reveals her concerns about Shiva and Arushi’s relationship, determined not to let them escape today. Filled with anger, she storms out of the room.

Dhara attempts to contact Malti, but Arushi intervenes, preventing her from answering the call. Arushi insists that Dhara should neither answer the call nor be afraid to leave that place for her sake. Subsequently, Raavi visits Arushi’s house and confronts her, sternly warning her not to ruin her life. She demands to know why Arushi is coming between her and Shiva. Arushi advises her to inquire about it from Dhara. Confused, Raavi asks Arushi to explain. Arushi reveals that she sent the photo to Dhara because she wants her little sister to become Shiva’s wife. She introduces Malti as Dhara’s wife, recalling Suman’s earlier words. Arushi tries to manipulate Raavi against Dhara, claiming that Dhara was the one attempting to unite her with Shiva. Malti pleads with Raavi not to believe Arushi’s lies, but Arushi warns her to remain silent, threatening her life if she reveals the truth. Arushi lies to Raavi, stating that she has no relationship with Shiva and that it is Dhara who wants her to marry him.

Dhara reaches out to Malti during that moment, and Arushi seizes the opportunity to manipulate the situation by pretending to call her own mother. She wants to eavesdrop on her sister’s conversation and feels compelled to align with Arushi, unable to go against her. Raavi confronts Arushi, expressing her indifference towards her relationship with Shiva or Dhara, emphasizing that no one can separate her from her husband. Meanwhile, Dhara serves food to everyone and questions Rishita about Raavi’s whereabouts. Rishita informs her that Raavi went to meet Arushi. Filled with anger, Dhara breaks things, frustrated that Raavi ignored her warnings not to go there. Dhara assures Rishita that she will resolve the issues between them.

Arushi confides in Malti, accusing her of aggravating the situation and intending to create a scene within their family. Malti urges her to refrain from acting impulsively and ruining their family. Arushi insists on doing what she believes is right for herself, while Malti warns her that acting out of anger will only lead to self-destruction. Malti draws a parallel between Arushi’s life and her own.

In the meantime, Gautham questions Dhara about her heightened emotional state. Dhara explains that she explicitly asked Raavi not to leave, yet Raavi defied her instructions. Suman remarks that Raavi has often acted similarly when told not to. Gautham suggests that Raavi’s behavior stems from insecurity, while Suman suggests that Raavi’s lies are catching up with her. Raavi asserts that she is telling the truth and brings Munna as proof. Dhara takes Raavi aside to speak with her privately. Arushi threatens Malti, insisting that they will not leave the place until they achieve their goals.

Raavi demands that Arushi let go of her hand and reveal the truth in front of everyone. Dhara explains that she had frequently called Raavi to warn her about keeping her daughter away from their family. Raavi discloses that she is Malti’s daughter and berates Dhara for attempting to separate her from Shiva. Others intervene, urging them to cease their hostile behavior. Raavi insists that Dhara speak the truth, and Dhara complies by revealing it to everyone present.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara will remain resolute in her determination to prevent Arushi from causing harm to her family. On the other hand, Arushi is firmly committed to wreaking havoc upon her own family.

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