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Pandya Store 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with the Pandya family engaged in a conversation. Suddenly, the sound of drums catches their attention. Curious, the children rush outside and discover a marriage procession approaching their house. Just then, Shiva arrives home, followed by the other family members who join in to investigate the source of the commotion. Krish arrives at the scene, and Prerna embraces him tightly. Krish, in an unexpected turn, asks Prerna to dance with him. Observing this, Shiva assumes that the Pandya family has arranged a marriage ceremony for him.

Meanwhile, Arushi desperately pounds on a door, pleading with her mother to open it. Unfortunately, she finds herself trapped in a locked room with no visible means of escape. Suddenly, her eyes fall upon a window, and without hesitation, she jumps through it, fleeing from the confines of the house. Arushi races towards the Pandya Store, determined to seek refuge with the Pandya family. Her mother, in hot pursuit, desperately tries to catch up with her. Arushi taunts her as she makes her escape.

In this situation, Shweta is forcefully dragged by Shivang, who insists that she ride the bike. Dhara attempts to intervene, but Shivang forcefully pulls her away and flees with Shweta. Dhara, determined not to let them escape, pursues them, but Shivang refuses to halt. Eventually, they encounter an accident, causing Shweta to fall to the ground. Despite the family members holding grudges against her, they rush to her aid. Dhara reaches her first and rescues her from a potentially disastrous accident. Realizing the urgency, Dhara instructs Gautam to pursue Shivang. In the meantime, Shivang procures a scooter, and Gautam follows suit.

Ravi insists that Shivang should not be spared under any circumstances. Shweta has lost consciousness and is being taken to the hospital. Dhara suggests a strategy to surround Shivang from all sides and attack him. In the middle of the road, Shivang is halted by a traffic jam. Dev and Gautam arrive at the scene and confront Shivang. Shivang agrees to engage in a fight with them, displaying his overly confident demeanor that ignites both Shivang and Gautam. Shiva delivers a forceful kick to Shivang’s bike. Meanwhile, Suman and Dhara also arrive at the location.

Shweta is admitted to the hospital in critical condition, with severe injuries all over her body. The doctor instructs the nurse to admit her to the intensive care unit (ICU). Meanwhile, Arushi plays a game of hide and seek with her mother. Suddenly, Arushi’s mother loses sight of Arushi and collapses in the middle of the road. Suman notices her mother but fails to recognize her. They hurry back to the hospital once again. Arushi’s mother conceals herself and abruptly decides to leave the town.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shivang is caught in the act by the Pandya Store. Ravi confronts him and delivers a resounding slap, followed by a thorough beating using her shoes. Suman joins in by flinging mud at his face.

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