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Pandya Store 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Shiva heading towards his meeting with Arushi, while the Pandya children ponder over who might be expecting a baby and the ongoing family affairs. Meanwhile, Arushi firmly declares her intention to marry Shiva. However, their conversation is interrupted by Malti Devi, who reminds them that they are sisters. Dhara refutes this claim and asserts that Arushi is solely her daughter, denying any familial ties with them. Dhara issues a stern warning, instructing them to leave Somnaath by the following day.

At the hospital, the children question how Prerna could be pregnant with Krish’s child when Krish is married to Shweta. The Pandya family members resort to making excuses and hastily exit the premises. Suman calls them back, emphasizing that evading the situation is not a solution. She urges Krish to promptly obtain a divorce from Shweta so that they can arrange Krish’s marriage to Prerna before news of her pregnancy reaches everyone. Rishita suggests to Suman that they discuss this matter later and proposes visiting Prerna immediately. Suman agrees. Unbeknownst to them, an injured Shweta overhears everything while lying on the hospital bed and breaks down in tears. The nurse inquires about Shweta’s relationship with the individuals outside the room.

As Dhara departs from Arushi’s house, Shiva arrives, unknowingly missing her. Arushi warmly embraces Shiva and implores him to marry her right away. However, Shiva insists on obtaining his family’s consent before making such a commitment. Malti Dev supports Shiva’s decision, concurring with his viewpoint. Arushi becomes infuriated and shouts at her mother for interfering in her relationship with Shiva. In response, Shiva reproaches Arushi for disrespecting his mother and remains resolute in his refusal to marry without his family’s approval. With the intention of leaving, Shiva is interrupted by Arushi, who recalls Dhara’s earlier cautionary words. Realizing the significance of Dhara’s advice, Arushi halts Shiva’s departure. In an attempt to turn Shiva against Dhara, Arushi provokes him, which only serves to enrage him further. Shiva sternly warns Arushi against speaking ill of Dhara. However, Arushi proceeds to put on an emotional performance in front of Shiva, eventually persuading him to take a couple’s selfie with her. Afterward, Shiva departs from the scene. Arushi confides in her mother, stating that they will no longer pursue their previous plans.

Meanwhile, Shiva finds himself at the Pandya store. When Raavi calls him, he deliberately disconnects the call. Raavi expresses her disappointment to Suman, lamenting over Shiva’s behavior. Suman advises Raavi to let it go and instead try to gather information about Dhara’s whereabouts. Respecting Suman’s suggestion, Raavi contacts Dhara but discovers that her number is unreachable. She informs Suman about this development.

Dhara finds herself at the temple, overwhelmed with emotions. Tears stream down her face as she stands before the divine statue of the Goddess. The weight of her past experiences, marked by constant humiliation caused by her mother, refuses to dissipate. Fear grips her heart, knowing that revealing her mother’s return could shatter the respect she has painstakingly earned from her family. Seeking solace and assistance, she fervently prays to the deity, pleading for help in concealing the truth from her loved ones.

Meanwhile, Gautam anxiously frets over Dhara’s whereabouts, realizing that her phone remains switched off. Just as worry begins to consume him, Dhara finally arrives, providing a temporary relief to his concerns. Raavi, curious about Shiva’s absence, approaches Dhara with inquiries. In response, Dhara feigns ignorance, claiming she has no knowledge of Shiva’s whereabouts. Suman joins the conversation, questioning Dhara about her recent whereabouts. Succumbing to the pressure of the moment, Dhara fabricates a lie, stating that she had visited the Pandya store.

Raavi, growing frustrated with Shiva’s repeated disappearances, urges Dhara to call him. Just as Dhara reaches for her phone, a message notification appears, revealing a photo of Arushi and Shiva together. Shocked by the sight, Raavi’s anger intensifies, vowing not to let Shiva off the hook easily. Dhara, on the other hand, trembles with fear at the thought of Raavi confronting Arushi and uncovering the truth that could devastate her fragile world.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara declares her intention to compel Arushi and Malti Devi to depart from the city. In response, Arushi issues a warning to Dhara, stating her readiness to disclose the truth that Dhara is Malti Devi’s daughter and also her step-sister to everyone.

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