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Pandya Store 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Chikku’s teacher informing Dhara about her son’s poor performance in the exam. The teacher emphasizes that teachers alone cannot bear the complete responsibility for a student’s performance; parents also play a crucial role. She requests Dhara to read the essay Chikku wrote about his mother. Dhara then asks Chikku to read it aloud for her.

Chikku starts by expressing that everyone perceives mothers as divine beings, embodiments of love. However, he believes that nobody knows the truth about mothers—they can also be deceptive. Chikku mentions instances where a mother might deceive others by stealing someone else’s baby and giving it away. The teacher, taken aback by Chikku’s words, asserts that she is unaware of the circumstances prevailing in his family, which are evidently affecting his education. Dhara reassures the teacher that Chikku is a bright student and will overcome any challenges. Afterward, Chikku leaves the scene, and Dhara follows him closely.

Meanwhile, Arushi confides in Malti, expressing her frustration that Siva has not disclosed their wedding date and is unresponsive to her calls. To their surprise, Siva arrives and informs Arushi that their wedding is scheduled for the following day, with the Haldi ceremony taking place today. He presents the Haldi to Arushi. Arushi and Malti are taken aback by this sudden revelation. Sweta enters and notifies them that the groom’s side has already applied Haldi and brought some for the bride as well. Malti offers to apply the Haldi to Arushi, prompting them to leave the room. Arushi ponders the situation, realizing that her daughter was the one who sent the Haldi. She contemplates her next course of action.

Back at home, Dhara arrives, but Chikku ignores her. Malti confronts Dhara, questioning her decision to arrange Arushi’s marriage with Siva when it is evident that Siva will return to Raavi once his memories come back. Dhara, reminded of Chikku’s words, asks Malti why she betrayed her and caused her to resent Malti. Malti apologizes sincerely for her mistake.

Dhara confides in Malti, expressing how she has been alone since childhood and has learned to handle everything on her own. However, she strongly emphasizes that she does not need a mother who lacks integrity. In a fit of anger, she insults her mother and storms off. Malti deeply regrets her past mistakes, realizing that she has failed to bring happiness to her daughter. She feels incapable of properly raising both her daughters, as they both face various challenges in their lives. The weight of it all becomes overwhelming for Malti, leaving her wondering how she can bear such a burden.

Suman approaches Dhara, acknowledging that there is a lot of unfinished work to be done. Overwhelmed by emotions, Dhara breaks down in tears and embraces Suman. She questions why her child harbors such hatred towards her. Suman explains that Yasodha’s love for Dhara is purer than Devki’s, and advises Dhara to give her child extra time. Suman believes that Chikku will eventually come to understand everything as he grows older, and their relationship will be restored to its former closeness. In the midst of this conversation, Chikku abruptly runs away.

Meanwhile, Arushi notices that Malti has left without applying the Haldi. She assumes that Malti must have gone somewhere, thinking she doesn’t know how to properly apply it. Arushi takes matters into her own hands and applies the Haldi on her face and hands, but experiences a burning sensation.

Dhara confides in Sweta, expressing how she has been preoccupied with taking care of her family and couldn’t properly attend to her son, leading to Chikku’s intense resentment towards her. Dhara is determined to eliminate this hate from his heart and believes that if she stays, she can earn the same love she receives from Sweta. Sweta expresses her gratitude and promises to assist Dhara, while Suman advises caution, urging Dhara not to trust Sweta completely. Dhara reassures them that her actions are solely for the sake of Chikku, hoping to change his perception of her as a mother.

Rishita complains to Dev about his failure to arrange a Sangeeth, expressing her desire to dance at the event. Dhara assures Rishita that she will fulfill her wish, and Suman intervenes, cautioning Dhara against causing trouble for others. Dhara’s efforts to bring happiness to her loved ones are met with gratitude as Rishita embraces her in a heartfelt hug, appreciating everything Dhara has arranged. Everyone joyfully participates in the Sangeeth, except for Raavi, who feels disappointed by the turn of events.

[Episode End]

Precap : Siva will reveal that his family has given their consent for his wedding. There is no force capable of preventing him from marrying Arushi on this occasion. Raavi, on the other hand, will emphasize that this is the final opportunity to restore Siva’s lost memories. She is willing to go to any lengths to halt this wedding.

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