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Pandya Store 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Siva confronting Dev about his betrayal towards Raavi. Siva questions Dev’s motives, to which he confesses his love for Rishita and his intention to divorce Raavi. In order to verify Dev’s claim, Siva inspects the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Suman feigns tears in front of Siva, attempting to evoke sympathy. However, Dhara and the others intervene and create a commotion at the scene.

Amidst the chaos, Siva reprimands Gowtham for discussing his wedding without considering the consequences. The situation takes an unexpected turn when Raavi slaps Dev, leaving everyone astonished by her actions. Pretending to scold Dev for betraying her, Raavi asserts that he fails to comprehend her love for him. She even goes as far as to proclaim her intention to end her life. Dhara pretends to intervene, urging Raavi not to overreact.

Expressing his concern, Siva accuses Dev of playing with Raavi’s life. Dev, however, confesses his love for Rishita to Suman, who impulsively slaps him, leaving him in shock. Suman continues her act by scolding Dev. Eventually, Dev signs the divorce papers, and Raavi, on the verge of signing them as well, is halted by Siva. He advises her to contemplate this significant decision carefully, as it will greatly impact her life. Feeling neglected and unvalued, Raavi asserts that she doesn’t need a betrayer in her life and proceeds to sign the divorce papers.

Rishita, witnessing the unfolding events, implores Siva to marry Raavi if he truly cares for her. Dev, realizing that he holds no emotional connection with Raavi, suggests that Siva should marry her. Taking Rishita with him, Dev leaves the scene to file the divorce papers in court.

Arushi suspects that there is something on Dhara’s mind, and she knows it won’t be easy to get her to open up. Suman turns to Siva and expresses her concern for Raavi, fearing that her future has been destroyed. Siva, worried about Raavi, tells Dhara to focus on their wedding. He assures her that Raavi will be present at the ceremony, as promised. Siva feels happy about it, while Dhara reveals that Raavi’s life is now uncertain and devoid of happiness. Suman embraces Raavi, and they both break down in tears, with Siva looking visibly disappointed.

Meanwhile, Arushi begins to unpack her luggage, and Malti questions her about the situation. Arushi explains that Dhara had arranged for her wedding and insists that she has to stay there. In another scene, Siva notices that Raavi seems lost in her thoughts and starts experiencing flashes from his past, leaving him confused. When Raavi turns around, Siva is no longer there. On the other hand, Arushi sneaks into Siva’s room and surprises him with a rose, confessing her love for him. Siva feels elated and is convinced to dance with Arushi in his room, enjoying the moment.

However, Raavi is shocked when she stumbles upon Siva and Arushi dancing together. Siva asks her to leave, but Raavi demands that he send Arushi away or she will expose him in front of everyone. Siva shuts the door on Raavi’s face. Raavi wakes up, realizing it was just a nightmare. She goes to check on Siva and finds him peacefully sleeping in his room. Later, Dhara contemplates the consequences of any mishap during the wedding, knowing that the entire family will blame her. She resolves to ensure that everything goes smoothly this time.

Rishita arrives and embraces Dhara, who confides in her about the overwhelming tasks she has to complete. Krish, seeking solace, shares his concerns about not understanding Sweta’s true intentions. In the midst of their conversation, Malti calls Dhara, but she declines the call. Rishita points out that Malti frequently tries to reach out to Dhara, reasoning that it’s not wrong to talk to her own mother. However, Dhara insists that she has a lot of pending work and avoids the conversation. Rishita mentions that she doubts Sweta will sign the divorce papers, as Krish has already spoken to her. Dhara assures Rishita that she will handle the situation and confronts Sweta, reminding her of the promise she made. Dhara suspects that Sweta is planning something and confronts her directly. Sweta admits to having thoughts and intentions, leaving Dhara shocked.

To prove her point, Dhara offers Sweta money as a gift, but Sweta refuses to accept it, emphasizing the importance of relationships over material wealth. She hands over the divorce papers to Dhara and requests her to return Chikku to her, even if it means fulfilling her enemy’s desires. Dhara is taken aback by Sweta’s request.

[Episode End]

Precap : Siva will affirm that his family has given their consent for his wedding, and this time, no one can prevent him from marrying Arushi. Raavi, on the other hand, will emphasize that this is the final opportunity to restore Shiva’s memories, and she is prepared to take any necessary action to halt this wedding.

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