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Pandya Store 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Arushi wiping off the haldi from her body. Arushi confronts Malti, expressing her disbelief in how a mother could do such a thing to her. Malti counters by asking if Arushi believes she is solely responsible for all of this. Malti urges her to open her eyes and face reality, revealing that they had tampered with the haldi and sent it to her. It becomes apparent that they are not invested in this wedding. Despite the circumstances, Arushi remains steadfast in her decision, refusing to back down.

Meanwhile, the Pandya family indulges in the joyous Sangeet function. A curious neighbor notices that their house is locked from the inside and inquires with Suman about the ongoing celebration. Suman nods in affirmation but explains that they didn’t invite her, citing a desire to avoid any disturbances. Dhara notices Suman’s unease and takes her away from the situation. While the Pandya family revels in the Sangeet, Raavi, feeling discontented, catches Suman’s attention.

Shiva goes to open the door, but Suman intervenes by throwing a stick, which accidentally hits Shiva on the head. Suman accuses the intruders of attempting to ruin their happiness. Raavi implores Suman to control her anger, as their plan could be jeopardized otherwise. Arushi finds solace in Dhara’s comforting embrace, expressing gratitude for her role in tampering with the haldi. She firmly believes that, despite all odds, the wedding will indeed take place. Sweta steps in to manage the situation, while Raavi warns her against doing anything she cannot handle. The Sangeet function resumes, and Dev and Rishita take to the dance floor. Rishita cautions Dev against getting too close to her before the wedding, but Dev dismisses her concerns, seizing the opportunity to spend time with her. Prerna shares her hope with Krish that nothing will go wrong at their wedding again.

Raavi’s frustration grew as he witnessed Siva dancing with Arushi. Sensing his discontent, Suman and Dhara intervened, requesting the music to be stopped. Despite their interference, Raavi and Siva thanked them for the beautiful performance, though the children clarified that they were not performing for anyone in particular. Instead, they chose to share a poignant story about the sacrifice of a mother and her children. The emotional tale touched everyone’s hearts, leading Gautham and others to embrace Suman with deep emotion. Dhara’s gaze fixated on Chikku, her eyes filled with profound sentiment. Malti, too, stared at Dhara with intense emotions. Meanwhile, Dev’s child embraced Rishita, sharing their heartfelt emotions with her. Raavi’s child pledged to complete homework and lend an ear to Raavi’s concerns. Dhara approached Chikku, and Arushi noticed Malti drawing near Dhara. Observing the collective emotional response, Arushi suggested meeting the next day at a wedding. However, Suman halted Malti, expressing a desire to have a private conversation with her, as there were many things they needed to discuss alone. Arushi mentioned her impending marriage to Siva, assuring Suman that she would have ample opportunities for one-on-one conversations with Malti.

Dhara informed Arushi that the venue they were at was where everyone would be getting married, clarifying that they were unable to arrange a luxurious five-star hotel for her wedding. She added that although Arushi had the option to organize her wedding elsewhere, they might not be able to attend it. Siva complained, emphasizing that it was his first wedding, unlike others who had already experienced a second one. Arushi inquired about the “bidai” tradition, to which Dhara replied that since everyone would be staying at the venue, there was no need for it. Ultimately, Arushi convinced Siva to agree to the wedding at that location.

Later, the Pandya family prepared to depart, packing their belongings. Curious neighbors questioned their destination, prompting various family members to blurt out random names in response. Suman managed to skillfully deceive them, while Dhara stated that they were embarking on a summer vacation. They boarded a van and discreetly returned home through the back door. Gautham and Dhara engaged in a heated argument, and Siva double-checked his sherwani. As Raavi placed his wedding sherwani nearby, vivid memories from his past flashed through his mind.

[Episode End]

Precap : Siva will confirm that his family has given their consent for his wedding, and this time, there is no one capable of preventing him from marrying Arushi. Raavi, on the other hand, will emphasize that this is the final opportunity to revive Shiva’s memories, and she is willing to go to any lengths to halt this wedding.

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