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Pandya Store 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Natasha urging Chikku to refrain from running, but unfortunately, Chikku stumbles into a deep hole. Their desperate cries for help echo through the surroundings. Dhara, upon hearing their voices, rushes to their aid. Chikku implores her to rescue him while Dhara extends her hand towards them. However, due to a height disparity, she is unable to save him. Arushi, observing the scene, becomes aware of the children’s predicament and questions how they ended up trapped there. Dhara urgently calls out for assistance.

In the meantime, Gautham and the others arrive at the location and begin searching for a way to reach the trapped children. Their efforts come to a halt as they spot the police conducting an inspection. Gautham contacts Dhara and, to his relief, hears her phone ringtone. Dhara extends her hand to Chikku, but regrettably, he is unable to grasp it. Undeterred, Dhara provides words of encouragement and continues to call for help. Suddenly, she hears the sound of Arushi’s phone nearby, leading her to believe that someone is in close proximity.

At that moment, Malti calls Arushi and inquires about her whereabouts. Arushi fabricates a story, claiming that she is waiting for Dhara, who hasn’t arrived yet. Malti advises her to return home and suggests leaving the city as soon as possible. Arushi hastily ends the call upon noticing Dhara’s presence. Malti, however, notices a mask concealed beneath the sofa, reminiscent of the one worn by the police rescue team that she had seen on the news.

Recalling Arushi’s words, Malti begins to decipher her true intentions. She realizes that Arushi may have orchestrated this situation to harm Dhara. Malti regrets not questioning Arushi’s motives earlier and fervently wishes to rescue Dhara without delay. Meanwhile, Gautham discovers Dhara’s phone and concludes that she must have been captured by an alien. Rishita reassures him that there is no such thing as an alien and that Dhara will be alright. Sweta urges them not to approach the danger zone without wearing masks, concerned for their own safety. Rishita scolds her, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the children’s lives over personal well-being. Sweta argues that they too could be at risk without masks, as she observes the chemical reactions occurring around them.

Supporting Sweta’s point, Shiva notices a mask inside the police van and proceeds to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Gautham and the others depart to continue their search for the missing children.

Dhara, in a desperate state, notices Arushi and urgently implores her to save the suffocating children who are struggling to breathe. Arushi, feigning assistance, pretends to lend a hand. Dhara, believing Arushi will come to their aid, conveys to Chikku that their predicament will be resolved with Arushi’s help. Overwhelmed by the dire situation, Dhara cries out for assistance, but Chikku, in a moment of anguish, expresses to Natasha that if she were his true mother, she would have fearlessly jumped in to save him. He feels that Natasha does not genuinely care about him. Meanwhile, Natasha herself feels lightheaded and dizzy.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Dhara collapses, injuring her head and causing bleeding. She teeters on the edge of consciousness, desperately calling for help. Malti, growing increasingly concerned, reaches out to Arushi to inquire about her whereabouts. However, Arushi deceives Malti, providing her with false information. Malti probes further, questioning how a mask ended up in their house. Arushi deflects, urging Malti to redirect her focus from herself to Dhara, who is on the brink of death. The revelation shocks Malti to the core.

Arushi brazenly reveals to Malti that she orchestrated this entire calamity, fueled by her long-standing resentment and deep-rooted hatred for Dhara. Malti realizes that her own animosity led her to make an ill-advised decision. Before Malti can react, Arushi abruptly terminates the call. Malti, arriving at the scene, spots Shiva and urgently alerts him to Arushi’s treachery, explaining that she deliberately trapped Dhara in that perilous situation out of anger. She implores Shiva to save Dhara without delay.

[Episode End]

Precap : Malti will ensure that Dhara doesn’t fall down, but unfortunately, Malti herself will slip down the hill. In the midst of this incident, Dhara will express her deep anguish to Arushi, blaming her for ruining her childhood and now taking her mother away as well. Dhara will sternly demand that Arushi keeps her distance from her.

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