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Pandya Store 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Siva urging Raavi to cease her attempts to jump into the well. Dhara intervenes, urging Raavi to come down. In response, Raavi questions the purpose of living a loveless life. She points out that her husband is absent, leaving her child without a father, making death seem like a preferable option. Meanwhile, Rishitha threatens Dev that she will take her own life if he refuses to marry her. Suman confides in Siva about the challenges of leading a solitary existence, drawing from her own experiences. Dhara agrees with Raavi, acknowledging the difficulty of enduring a life of loneliness. She ponders who would be willing to marry Raavi and suggests Siva as a potential partner. Dhara reminds everyone that Siva has known Raavi since childhood and has done numerous favors for their family, emphasizing the importance of loyalty.

Dhara earnestly implores Siva to marry Raavi, stating that Arushi may find someone suitable in her life, but Raavi is unlikely to find a better match than Siva. Raavi, however, expresses her belief that Siva has harbored animosity towards her since their childhood and is incapable of loving her. Dhara insists that her Siva is not that kind of person, acknowledging that he may argue with her at times but never makes wrong decisions. Reflecting on his past, Siva recalls his memories and reluctantly agrees to marry Raavi, prompted by his desire to fulfill Dhara’s wish. He declares that he is prepared to marry her and will provide paternal love to Raavi’s child. Suman suggests that since the priest and other couples are present, they should proceed with the wedding. Dhara proposes that they combine Raavi and Siva’s wedding with Dev and Rishita’s. As the events unfold, Siva experiences a strange sensation, as if the wedding has already taken place.

Siva departs to prepare himself, while Rishita embraces Raavi. Dev confides in Dhara that he still hasn’t regained his memories. Dhara reassures him that his reaction is consistent with the past. Turning to Raavi, Dhara expresses her belief that love can change him after the wedding and questions what would happen if she were to come forward. Dhara assures Raavi that things won’t change once he is married to her and promises to fulfill her commitment to arrange the wedding. She urges Raavi to get ready. Malti dismisses the situation as a drama and advises Arushi not to trust that they will come to pick her up. Just then, Gowtham and the children arrive, apologizing to Arushi for their lateness. He explains that the wedding venue has been changed, causing a slight delay. Arushi mentions that Siva hasn’t informed her about anything yet, to which Gowtham suggests he might be occupied with the preparations. Gowtham asks Arushi to take care of the children and instructs them not to trouble her. Arushi finds the situation suspicious.

Siva recalls Dhara’s words and realizes that he must inform Arushi about them; otherwise, it would be unfair. The children request Arushi to buy them ice cream, but she reminds them that her wedding comes first. As the children continue to bother Arushi, Siva resolves not to break her heart and acknowledges that he cannot betray a girl like that. He yearns to contact Arushi to share the information. Dhara removes the evil eye from Raavi and assures her that Arushi will disappear from their lives forever. Siva overhears their conversation and vows not to let anything harmful happen to Arushi, as she is a good-hearted girl. Later, Arushi buys ice cream for the children, but they continue to trouble her. They demand that she feed them by smearing cake on her face. Arushi scolds them, revealing that Dhara sent them to prevent her wedding with Siva.

Meanwhile, the priest asks Dhara to summon the groom. At the same time, Siva arrives at Arushi’s house and takes her away. Dhara knocks on the door, urging Siva to come out. She informs Gowtham that Krish and Prerna’s wedding is finished, and Siva agrees to marry Raavi. Gowtham is thrilled upon hearing this news. However, the children inform Gowtham that Arushi has left the house. Meanwhile, Siva hands money to the priest and requests him to expedite the wedding ceremony. Malti intervenes, but Arushi assures her that no one will come between them today and that the wedding will undoubtedly proceed. Siva asks the priest to make all the necessary arrangements quickly. Nervousness fills the air as everyone awaits Siva’s arrival at the mandap. Malti prays to God.

[Episode End]

Precap : Siva made a daring escape from the mandap.

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