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Pandya Store 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Malti informing Shiva that Dhara has been trapped in that area by Arushi. She pleads with him to save Dhara’s life. Chikku, on the other hand, confides in Natasha that Dhara is not his biological mother, which is why she left without rescuing them. Natasha, however, firmly believes that Dhara will undoubtedly find a way to save them. Meanwhile, Dhara struggles to get back on her feet. Meanwhile, Raavi catches sight of the news and urges Krish to contact them, as she hasn’t received any updates about their well-being yet. Mittu grows increasingly concerned about them. Prerna assures him that they will arrive as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Shiva encounters Gautham and learns from him that Dhara is also trapped in the same location, as Arushi orchestrated this as an act of revenge. Gautham hands them a mask. Arushi notices Malti and assumes that she has come to rescue Dhara, momentarily forgetting that she also has another daughter. Despite their efforts, they are unable to save Dhara at that moment. Nevertheless, Dhara manages to get closer to her. Dhara implores Arushi to save her children. Arushi promises not to abandon her this time. Confused, Dhara asks Arushi why she is forcefully pulling her along. Meanwhile, Malti searches for Dhara.

Krish becomes aware of the news, which reports that many people have died due to the chemical reactions occurring in the vicinity. There seems to be no alien presence; rather, the deaths are caused by toxic gas. Krish’s entire family is there, and he is determined to save them. Prerna, concerned for the safety of their unborn baby, urges him not to venture outside. She emphasizes that she has no one else but him. Krish decides to stay by her side. Raavi offers comfort to Mittu. Meanwhile, Sweta hears the voices of the children. Everyone becomes aware that the kids are trapped in a hole, prompting them to embark on a rescue mission. Arushi, witnessing this, believes that they will save the children. Arushi continues to drag Dhara towards the edge of the hills. In the meantime, Shiva arrives with a rope and secures it to a tree. He bravely jumps into the hole. Later, Malti intervenes and pushes Arushi away, placing the mask on Dhara instead. She confronts Arushi, questioning her lack of shame for her actions. Malti emphasizes that nobody, not even their enemies, would stoop so low. Arushi angrily shouts at her. Finally, Shiva ensures that Chikku also wears the mask, assuring them that he is present and will protect them from harm.

Shiva gasps for breath, struggling in his current state. He collapses once more, desperately urging the others to provide a mask for Natasha. Acting swiftly, Gowtham selflessly hands over his own mask to Natasha, an idea sparking within him. Determined to find a solution, they hastily secure the rope to the tree once again.

Meanwhile, Arushi dons the mask, firmly resolved to prevent Dhara from surviving the ordeal. With a swift motion, Arushi snatches away Dhara’s mask, callously discarding it. She proclaims her sole concern for her own daughter. Malti intervenes, reminding Arushi that both girls are her daughters and that she shouldn’t differentiate between them. Malti suggests saving the discussion for later, after reaching the hospital. However, Arushi remains unresponsive, prompting Malti to deliver a resounding slap. Arushi stumbles and falls to the ground, while Malti places the mask on Dhara. Arushi expresses her grievance, claiming that Malti doesn’t care about her at all. Malti insists that everything she does is for Arushi’s own good, but her words fail to resonate with Arushi.

Gowtham comes to the rescue, saving Chikku and Natasha. He informs Shiva that Natasha’s condition is critical, necessitating a trip to the hospital. Determined to locate Dhara, Gowtham assures Shiva that he won’t leave until he finds her. He implores Shiva to transport Natasha to the hospital immediately. Meanwhile, Arushi forcibly pushes Dhara, causing her to tumble uncontrollably. Malti rushes to save her, but in doing so, she inadvertently loses her balance. Fear-stricken cries escape both Dhara and Arushi.

Simultaneously, Raavi offers turmeric to Dhara, explaining its beneficial properties. However, Dhara refuses to apply it to her belly, prompting the attention of everyone present. In the midst of this commotion, Malti’s sudden fall catches Dhara’s shocked gaze. Gowtham embraces Dhara tightly, leaving both Arushi and Dhara dumbfounded by the distressing scene before them.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara, filled with emotions, will gather the courage to confess her love for Malti. Tragically, Malti’s life will come to an end, her final moments spent resting on Dhara’s lap. Overwhelmed with grief, Dhara will turn to Arushi and express how her deep-rooted animosity towards her has not only shattered her own life but also claimed Malti’s life. Dhara will firmly declare that forgiveness is out of the question and sternly advise Arushi to maintain her distance from her.

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