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Pandya Store 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Siva experiencing a sudden flashback of his past. In the meantime, Arushi calls him and expresses her dissatisfaction about him not showing up to pick her up. Siva assures her that he will arrive in a few minutes. Prerna and Krish engage in a romantic moment together, but Sweta urges them to hurry up as they are running late for the wedding. Raavi ponders over her confusion about what to do next, while Rishita advises her not to exaggerate the situation, reminding her that they have to perform in front of Siva. Suman interjects, urging everyone to expedite the wedding proceedings. Dhara contacts the priest and instructs him to ensure that no one notices him. However, a nosy neighbor woman intercepts the priest, but Dhara intervenes and throws a stone at her, leading to an argument. Dhara swiftly takes the priest away, and he requests her to guide him inside through the front door. Dhara reassures him that she will handle the situation but advises him not to speak loudly.

Later, the priest reminds Dhara that she informed him about a wedding involving only one person, yet two couples are present. Just then, Siva arrives and announces that three weddings are about to take place. Dhara instructs him to focus on his duties. The priest mentions that he requires an additional fee for this unexpected change. Suman and the others propose finishing Dev and Krish’s wedding first until Arushi arrives. Siva complains that no one should proceed with their marriages until Arushi arrives and asks Dhara if someone is picking her up. Dhara nods in response, but she worries that contacting Arushi may expose their plans. Consequently, she accidentally pushes Siva, causing his phone to fall into the water. Siva then realizes that his phone is not turned on.

Raavi arrives at the scene and declares her intention to marry Siva. Dhara calmly advises her not to overreact, but Raavi creates a dramatic scene, threatening to take her own life if Dev marries Rishita. Distraught, Raavi slams the door shut. Suman pretends to cry, pleading with others to save Raavi. She turns to Siva, asking if something terrible has happened to Raavi and expressing her inability to handle the situation alone. Suman implores Siva to rescue Raavi, while Siva requests Dev to intervene. However, Dev prioritizes his wedding, asserting its significance to him. Dhara questions his selfishness and wonders if she taught him such behavior. Rishita joins the conversation, claiming that she will die if Dev refuses to marry her. She dramatically positions herself on the edge of a well, threatening to jump into it. Suman tries to convince her to come down, while Dev feigns communication with a higher power, justifying his decision to save Rishita because of their love for each other. The priest inquires who will marry or die for Rishita. Eventually, Dev rescues Rishita, leaving Siva in a state of shock. Suman implores Siva once again to save Raavi, but Sweta volunteers to take on the task, only to be stopped by Suman. Siva mentions that Krish has known Raavi since childhood but is unwilling to help her. Prerna assures Krish that he won’t leave, as she doesn’t want to take any risks. With Sweta present, she suggests that Sweta should marry Krish. Dhara pleads with everyone to save Raavi, prompting Siva to rush to her rescue. Meanwhile, Raavi begins to feel dizzy. Krish and Prerna proceed to take the wedding vows together. Suman accuses them of taking advantage of the situation for their own benefit. Krish and Prerna complete the marriage rituals and receive blessings from everyone present. Raavi expresses her despair, stating that no one can prevent her from dying, as she feels unloved and abandoned by her husband, Siva.

[Episode End]

Precap : Siva breaks the news to Arushi that he intends to marry her on the same day. The wedding is set and cannot be halted by anyone. Dhara’s surprise knows no bounds when she discovers Siva’s absence from his room.

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