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Pandya Store 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Arushi warmly greeting Suman. Shiva steps in and confesses that he and Arushi have feelings for each other. Suman playfully jests, resulting in laughter from everyone present. Shiva then clarifies that if they continue their relationship, they should consider getting married. This statement angers Raavi, while the children comment on how Shiva and Raavi always argue at parties. They proceed to cut the cake and each take a slice before leaving.

Arushi notices Dhara and reminisces about their childhood. Arushi’s mother worries, believing that Arushi gets easily angered by trivial matters. Suman confronts Shiva and physically reprimands him. Meanwhile, the children retreat to a room, noting the abundance of drama surrounding the adults. Natasha remarks that there is confusion about who is married to whom and whose child belongs to whom. She requests everyone to make a promise not to get married, and the children form a pact, vowing not to marry either. Suman advises Shiva against getting married at that moment.

Shiva expresses his frustration, feeling that nobody cares about his happiness or sorrow and claims that he would have married already if someone did. Dev intervenes, reminding Shiva that they never considered him a mere servant in their store. Shiva requests Dev to convince Raavi to support his marriage, asserting that there shouldn’t be a problem if he wants to marry Arushi, even if everyone opposes it. Dhara loses her temper and scolds Arushi, insisting that the marriage cannot take place and urges her to leave. Raavi asserts her unwavering support for Shiva and pleads with him to leave with her. Dhara tells Arushi to depart, and she complies, leaving the house. Shiva accuses Raavi of driving Arushi away, while Dhara contemplates how to explain the situation to him. Arushi recalls Dhara’s words and tearfully departs. In the meantime, Arushi’s mother contacts her. Arushi informs her mother about the incident, stating that Dhara kicked her out and insulted her, revealing Dhara’s ill-mannered behavior.

Raavi insists that Shiva listen to her and learn the truth. Suman tries to dissuade her, but Raavi feels she has no other option. She implores Shiva to gaze into her eyes and remember their past. Shiva complies and recalls their marriage, subsequently fainting. Suman reprimands Raavi while everyone expresses concern for Shiva. They carry Shiva to his room. Shweta and Shivank observe the situation with a smile, remarking that they should let them deal with their issues while they focus on convincing Prerna and Krish, respectively.

Arushi arrives home and implores her mother to reveal the truth. She discloses that Dhara is her stepsister. Gautam brings a slice of cake for Dhara and encourages her to have it. However, Dhara insists that they should not celebrate this day and asserts that happiness is elusive for her and her family. Arushi acknowledges her mother’s curiosity about Dhara but also expresses her realization that her mother always treated her as a secondary child. Her mother urges her to understand the situation.

Gautam intervenes, advising Arushi not to punish herself on her birthday and suggesting they cut a pastry instead, hoping to celebrate her birthday joyously every year. They proceed to cut the pastry, and Gautam extends his birthday wishes to Arushi. They share a heartfelt moment. Arushi’s mother admonishes her for accusing her of lacking love, but Arushi claims to understand who holds a special place in her mother’s heart.

Meanwhile, Shweta descends the stairs but fails to notice anyone’s presence. She proceeds to serve herself food and eats papaya. Dhara observes this and warns Shweta that eating papaya during pregnancy is not advisable, expressing concern for her well-being and the health of her unborn child.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara resolves to uncover Shweta’s hidden truth and fulfill her promise to Krish and Prerna. Krish assures Dhara that she is not alone and that he stands by her side. Prerna echoes his sentiment, declaring her support for Dhara as well.

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