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Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with Kanchan adamantly demanding that a disguised Gaura reveal the contents of her bag. Gaura pleads with her, desperately urging her to let her go. In the midst of this tense situation, Rekha’s spirits are lifted as she discovers her missing jewelry in her possession. Meanwhile, Twinkle, Som, and Rekha overhear Kanchan calling out for Twinkle, leaving Rekha curious about Kanchan’s intentions.

Rahul, Som-Twinkle, and Rekha rush to the scene, only to witness Kanchan accusing the disguised Gaura of theft. Twinkle becomes deeply concerned and demands that the disguised Gaura immediately leave the house. Reluctantly, Gaura agrees to comply but is stopped in her tracks when Kanchan forcefully pulls off her veil, revealing Gaura’s true identity to everyone, leaving them in a state of shock.

Som, taken aback by this revelation, questions Gaura about why she was covering her face and attempting to leave the house. The realization dawns upon everyone that Som was already aware of Gaura’s presence in the house. Rekha, feeling upset by Som’s revelation, confronts him, inquiring about why he concealed Gaura’s return and accusing him of harboring feelings for her. Som is utterly stunned by the accusation, and he pleads with Twinkle to trust him and understand the reasons behind his decision to bring Gaura back into their lives. He proceeds to share with Twinkle and everyone present what had transpired the other day. However, Twinkle remains skeptical and refuses to believe his explanations, asserting that she comprehends his intentions. Som, overwhelmed with helplessness, finds himself at a loss for what to do next.

Rahul expresses his support for Twinkle while simultaneously insulting Gaura. However, he becomes elated at the thought that his interaction with Gaura might provide him with an opportunity to convince Twinkle to marry him. Gaura, feeling hurt, pleads with Twinkle to trust what Som had told her. In response, Twinkle accuses Gaura of placing a stone inside the halwa she had prepared for the puja. Gaura is shocked by the accusation but decides to leave. Before departing, she confronts Twinkle and warns her not to make false allegations. Twinkle remembers Gaura’s past assistance and chooses to remain silent to prevent Gaura from exposing her. Gaura then leaves the place.

Twinkle, in tears, retreats to her room, with Som and Rahul following her. Kanchan and Ganga also decide to find out what is happening. Meanwhile, Rekha becomes determined to resolve the misunderstanding between Som and Twinkle. Twinkle locks herself inside the room and refuses to let Som enter. She accuses Som when he tells her that both he and Rekha love her the most, claiming that his actions say otherwise. Twinkle then directs her accusations towards Rekha as well. Som becomes angry and leaves.

Kanchan steals jewelry from the God’s idol, intending to frame Gaura. Rekha notices this but chooses to ignore it, focusing instead on making Twinkle happy. Meanwhile, Twinkle is resolute in removing Rekha’s presence from Som’s life, so she begins packing up all of Rekha’s belongings. Som encounters Gaura outside the house and apologizes for what happened earlier. Gaura reminds him of the insults she endured as his wife and even after leaving him.

Rekha wonders about Twinkle’s whereabouts, while Gaura informs Som that she will pray for his and Twinkle’s happiness, requesting that he stay away from her. Som shares his unhappiness in his married life with Twinkle. Gaura leaves, and Rekha witnesses Twinkle burning things. She is shocked and hurt upon realizing that Twinkle is destroying her belongings, realizing that she had misjudged Twinkle. Twinkle observes Rekha’s reaction silently.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rekha pleads with Gaura for assistance in removing Twinkle from Som’s life. Gaura reacts angrily, admonishing Rekha and firmly declining to lend a hand. Rekha observes Gaura’s reaction, contemplating her next move.

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