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Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 25 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 25 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with the following day as Gaura engages in her morning puja. Observing this, Rekha notes that Gaura seems unconcerned about her own responsibilities, being preoccupied with her own tasks. Contemplating on how to present the jewelry to Twinkle, Rekha decides to first check on Som and Twinkle. However, she also makes up her mind to keep the jewelry in Gaura’s house.

Meanwhile, Som wakes Twinkle up, reminding her about the puja. Twinkle arises from her slumber and feigns disappointment in herself for waking up late. She then expresses interest in preparing Rekha’s favorite sweet. Som reveals that eleven priests will be arriving, which astonishes Twinkle. Although she conceals her disappointment, Twinkle falsely assures Som that she will make the sweet for the pandits. Deep inside, she ponders over how she will accomplish this task, considering she struggles even with cooking noodles. Rekha witnesses the interaction between Som and Twinkle, finding contentment in her decision to allow Som to marry Twinkle.

Som discovers Gaura engrossed in her puja. After completing her ritual, Gaura’s gaze falls upon Som. Just then, an arriving priest approaches them and informs Som that he is there to oversee all the preparations before Maha Pandit’s arrival. Seeing Gaura, the priest assumes she is Som’s wife and begins giving her instructions. Gaura tries to clarify that she isn’t Som’s wife, but the priest refuses to listen. He continues to give her instructions, urging her to strictly adhere to the rules to avoid upsetting Maha Pandit, before finally departing.

Through the priest, Gaura learns that it is Rekha’s birth anniversary. Motivated by this revelation, she starts preparing halwa for Rekha. In the midst of their conversation, Rekha expresses her joy in allowing Som to marry Twinkle. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the priests, prompting them to proceed to observe the situation. Accompanied by Kanchan, Ganga, and Som, they warmly welcome Maha Pandit. However, Maha Pandit refuses to enter the house and shocks everyone by informing the Shukla family about a roaming spirit within their abode. Confusion and astonishment fill the air. Maha Pandit proceeds to perform certain rituals and make arrangements to prevent the spirit from entering the house. Rekha becomes upset by Maha Pandit’s decision, feeling disheartened by the turn of events.

In this scene, Som beckons Twinkle to come out and receive blessings from Maha Pandit. Twinkle complies and seeks Maha Pandit’s blessings. However, Maha Pandit reprimands her and issues a veiled threat, warning her about her behavior. Overwhelmed with fear, Twinkle apologizes to him and quickly retreats indoors. Som takes it upon himself to apologize to Maha Pandit on Twinkle’s behalf.

Meanwhile, Rekha approaches Gaura and inquires if she is a malevolent spirit. As a result, Maha Pandit intervenes and prevents Rekha from entering her house. Gaura clarifies that she is merely a spirit and emphasizes that only humans participate in pujas. Therefore, Maha Pandit is responsible for this situation. Motivated by determination, Rekha resolves to be part of the puja. Meanwhile, Gaura shifts her focus to preparing halwa.

Twinkle becomes distressed when the delivery person fails to answer her calls, causing her to worry. At the same time, Ganga and Kanchan decide to indulge in the halwa before performing the puja. They head to the kitchen and attempt to convince Twinkle to share the halwa with them. However, Twinkle frightens them away by seeking advice from Maha Pandit, prompting both Kanchan and Ganga to abandon their pursuit of the halwa and leave the kitchen.

Gaura informs Magesh that she will arrive at the workplace with a slight delay. Rekha is taken aback when she discovers that Gaura is aware of her upcoming birthday. Gaura humbly asks Rekha if she could have the privilege of making the halwa for her. Rekha proudly mentions that Twinkle, another person, has prepared a halwa for her and she intends to savor it first before tasting Gaura’s. Gaura feels a pang of sadness. Twinkle instructs the delivery guy to enter through the rear entrance. Meanwhile, Rekha decides to check whether Twinkle has indeed prepared the halwa or not. To her utter shock, she witnesses the delivery guy attempting to salvage the spilled halwa and Twinkle sneaking out through the back door. Without hesitation, Twinkle approaches the delivery guy.

[Episode End]

Precap : Twinkle carefully collected the halwa from the pot and transferred it to the serving dish. The Pandit called out to Som, asking him to bring the halwa. Som hurried to the kitchen, but when he arrived, he found Twinkle standing in shock, staring at the empty halwa boxes on the floor.

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