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Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with a scene in which Twinkle, filled with anger, tears apart a photo of Som and Rekha, leaving Rekha in shock. Rekha is deeply hurt when Twinkle brags about removing her belongings, and this only strengthens her determination to erase Rekha’s memories from Som’s life. Gaura, witnessing this, is taken aback by the situation. Rekha, overcome with emotion, breaks down and expresses her disappointment in Twinkle, feeling betrayed. In her distress, Rekha unintentionally drops a bag containing jewelry from her trembling hand.

Feeling the weight of her actions, Gaura decides it is time for her to leave. However, as Rekha catches sight of Gaura, memories of Gaura’s past behavior towards her resurface, along with Twinkle’s unwavering determination. These memories make Rekha pause and reconsider her choice of Twinkle as Som’s partner. In a moment of realization, Rekha intercepts Gaura, expressing regret for her decision and seeking assistance in separating Twinkle from Som. She reaches out, holding Gaura’s hand in desperation. However, Gaura, enraged by Rekha’s attempts to control her, lashes out, refusing to be treated like a puppet. With determination, she firmly declines Rekha’s request for help and departs from the scene.

During the night, Som poured out his heart to one of the workers, admitting that his biggest mistake was constantly striving to keep his family members happy. The worker silently departed, leaving Som to his thoughts. Meanwhile, on a phone call, Gaura desperately pleaded with Magesh not to dismiss her from work. Magesh firmly refused, reminding her of her sudden disappearance without any notice. Filled with worry, Gaura wondered where she would find a place to stay.

In the midst of the chaos, Rekha encountered Gaura and implored her for assistance in separating Twinkle from Som. She admitted her mistake and promised to rectify it by removing Twinkle from Som’s life. However, Gaura’s initial response was to lash out at Rekha and mock her. She firmly declined to help, emphasizing that she had no relationship with Rekha, and then walked away, leaving Rekha deeply concerned.

Inside the house, Twinkle secretly ordered food from outside and consumed it without anyone’s knowledge. She celebrated her triumph in successfully eliminating Rekha from the house and causing Gaura to leave as well. Concerned, Kanchan and Ganga pleaded with Twinkle to open the door. Chanchal informed them that Twinkle hadn’t eaten anything. Meanwhile, in her room, Twinkle relished her meal, pretending to suffer from hunger. Ganga suspected that Twinkle was secretly eating and shared her suspicion with Kanchan. Despite their worries, Kanchan suggested they let Twinkle come out on her own, and they both decided to leave the scene.

Som arrived home and found both Ganga and Kanchan pretending to be worried about Twinkle. He sent them away, assuring them that he would take care of Twinkle himself. However, when Som demanded that Twinkle open the door, she refused and insisted on resting. Kanchan informed Som that their workers were observing the situation, advising him not to become a laughing stock in front of them. Som pondered this advice, his expression revealing his inner turmoil.

Meanwhile, Gaura sought solace by partaking in prasad from the temple but worried about finding a new job. Just then, Rekha approached her, suggesting that Gaura must find joy in witnessing her sufferings because Gaura had been removed from Som’s life. Gaura chose to ignore Rekha’s comments, which only further infuriated Rekha. In an unexpected gesture, Rekha entrusted her jewelry to Gaura and requested that she keep it safe. Gaura agreed to hold onto it. She then counseled Rekha to give Twinkle a chance, as she might turn out to be a better wife for Som. However, Rekha remained determined to remove Twinkle from Som’s life. The following day, Gaura embarked on a job search, but every door she approached refused to hire her. Gaura couldn’t help but feel upset and disheartened.

[Episode End]

Precap : Som and Twinkle went shopping together. Unfortunately, when Som tried to make a purchase, his card got declined, leading to an unpleasant encounter with the shop worker. The insensitive shop worker insulted Som, which deeply affected Twinkle. She couldn’t help but cry as the worker took back the items. Witnessing the distress caused to his friend, Rahul made a determined promise to seek justice for Som and take appropriate action against those responsible.

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