Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Gaura opening the door and letting out a piercing scream. Concerned, Varun rushes to her side, wanting to know what’s wrong. A sudden beam of light from a flashlight catches Varun’s attention, prompting him to request that the person lower the light. It turns out to be an electrician, claiming to have arrived to inspect the meter box. Tentatively, Varun grants the electrician access into their home. Sensing the unease in Gaura, Varun suggests that she take his driver’s assistance to depart from the premises. Rekha, interjecting, urges Gaura to affirm that she is there to protect her. Gaura, however, insists that she will make her own way home before departing.

Once inside, the electrician’s equipment begins to malfunction, prompting him to leave the house momentarily. He positions himself outside, patiently observing the unfolding events. Meanwhile, Varun engrosses himself in a book, unaware of the imminent danger. The spirits of Varun’s deceased parents, noticing the precariousness of a fan that is on the verge of falling onto him, employ their supernatural abilities to compel Varun to vacate the area. Despite their valiant efforts, the fan grazes Varun’s shoulder, causing him injury. The man waiting outside promptly relays the failed outcome of their plan to someone over the phone.

There, Gaura awakens from a dreadful nightmare, causing her to stir uneasily. Rekha, curious about Gaura’s distress, probes her for answers, but Gaura adamantly refuses to discuss the details. Instead, she shifts the conversation towards Varun’s parents, whose tormented souls continue to wander even after their unnatural demise. Gaura muses about the boundless love parents have for their children, believing that such affection can sway even the divine to grant them unrestricted powers. Rekha is taken aback by Gaura’s revelations, but before they can delve deeper, Gaura retreats back to sleep.

The following day, Rekha informs Gaura about Varun’s accident, prompting her to hastily rush to his side. Tenderly caring for Varun, Gaura inquires about the incident, only to be met with mockery from him. Undeterred, Gaura shares her knowledge of Varun’s parents’ tragic demise, expressing remorse for unintentionally amplifying his pain by bringing up the subject. In turn, Varun offers his sincerest apologies for his earlier rudeness, and he opens up to Gaura about his deep-seated anguish. Sensing the urgency, Rekha resolves to investigate further into Varun’s parents’ death, hoping to uncover any clues that may shed light on the matter. Among the photos, she discovers a picture of Varun’s father and uncle, prompting her to beseech Varun’s departed parents not to weep.

Shortly after, Varun’s uncle arrives to meet him, informed of the accident. He implores Varun to release himself from the clutches of grief stemming from their parents’ demise. Varun confides in his uncle, sharing the weight of his sorrow. As a phone call interrupts the scene, Gaura decides to take her leave, and Varun’s uncle also departs. However, Gaura notices the presence of the supposed electrician alongside Varun’s uncle and observes the exchange of money between them before parting ways.

Later, Gaura divulges the details of what she witnessed to Rekha, pondering the connection between the electrician and Varun’s uncle. She inquires whether any clues have been unearthed, to which Rekha presents the photograph. Gaura’s attention is immediately drawn to the wristwatch worn by Varun’s father, identical to Varun’s own timepiece. Both Gaura and Rekha harbor suspicions that Varun’s parents did not meet a natural demise but were instead murdered. United in their resolve, they make the decision to alert Varun to the looming danger.

Gaura and Rekha, seeking information, learn from the housemaid that Varun left early for an undisclosed destination. Utilizing her supernatural abilities, Rekha discovers that Varun is traveling in a car driven by a tattooed man. To her dismay, she notices Varun’s parents occupying the very same vehicle. Realizing the sinister plot at play, both Gaura and Rekha understand that Varun’s uncle is responsible for their demise and resolve to save Varun from a similar fate. Meanwhile, Varun’s uncle leads him to an abandoned building, where one of his accomplices launches a surprise attack, rendering Varun unconscious.

[Episode End]

Precap : Varun’s uncle gives explicit instructions to his henchman to eliminate Varun. Gaura and Rekha arrive at the location just as the designated assassin sets the area ablaze.

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