Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 24 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 24 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Som transporting an unconscious Gaura on his motorcycle. Meanwhile, Rahul confides in Kanchan about the intense disagreement between Som and Twinkle. He reveals that Som departed from his room on the very first day of his marriage. Kanchan’s face brightens with delight upon hearing this news. Seizing the opportunity, Rahul expresses his intentions of marrying Twinkle once she and Som are separated. However, Kanchan reacts swiftly, delivering a resounding slap to remind him that Twinkle is already wedded to another man. Unfazed by Kanchan’s admonishment, Rahul persists in declaring his love for Twinkle, insisting that he will be the one to marry her. Kanchan is deeply unsettled by Rahul’s unwavering determination.

Meanwhile, in a different setting, the Yamduts employ their supernatural abilities to uncover Rekha’s whereabouts, finding her concealed behind a sofa. Eager to take her to paradise, they implore Rekha to accompany them. Tearfully, Rekha implores for more time to hand over her jewelry to Twinkle. Despite her plea, the Yamduts adamantly refuse and employ their powers to restrain Rekha’s hands. In her struggle, Rekha’s eyes widen in surprise as Som arrives at the Shukla’s residence with Gaura. Rekha’s heart fills with joy, knowing that her protector has arrived. Sensing danger, the Yamduts hastily flee from the scene. Rekha is left pondering why Som is not with Twinkle but has brought Gaura home instead.

Som cradles Gaura in his arms, offering her water while inquiring about her well-being. Gaura affirms with a nod that she is fine. Meanwhile, Twinkle’s mind replays Som’s outburst, filling her with fear. She ponders over how to soothe his anger, her eyes brimming with concern. Just then, Gaura playfully taunts Som, prompting him to request her to cease the teasing. Inquisitive, he questions her reason for wandering the streets in the middle of the night. Unexpectedly, Gaura mentions Rekha’s name, leaving both Rekha and Som bewildered. Swiftly, Gaura concocts a feeble excuse to divert attention from her slip of words.

Determined to seek Som’s forgiveness, Twinkle resolves to prepare herself. In the meantime, Som implores Gaura to accompany him indoors, offering to tend to her wound. Gaura declines, insisting she is fine. Contemplating departure, she is intercepted by Som. Concerned for her safety, he queries her destination. Gaura reassures him, urging him to focus on his newlywed life with Twinkle, emphasizing that it is their first night together. Assuring him of her own safety, she implores him not to fret over her. Som is disheartened by Gaura’s demeanor, feeling upset by her behavior.

Som reveals to Gaura his awareness that she won’t be going to her parents’ house and emphasizes that he cannot always rescue her like he did today. He pleads with her to stay at Shukla’s house until she finds a new place. Gaura informs Som that she has relied on others throughout her life, but not anymore. She shares details about her new job and accommodation, mentioning that Twinkle has rights to the house, not Som, so she should be allowed to leave. Som disagrees and urges her to stay under a safe roof. Gaura questions the nature of their relationship, to which Som responds that he wants her to have a secure place to stay based on humanity. Gaura eventually agrees but insists on paying rent, to which Som smiles and accepts.

Together, Som and Gaura enter the outdoor house. Gaura asks Som to never visit her home again. Som agrees and departs. Gaura laments her fate but is astonished to discover Rekha’s presence. She expresses her joy at seeing Rekha again and asks why she returned to Earth. Rekha scolds Gaura for her treatment of Som and explains that she is here to give Twinkle her muh dikhayi gift. Gaura offers to assist Rekha, who realizes that she doesn’t have the jewelry with her and leaves to find it. Gaura becomes perplexed.

Som enters his room and is taken aback when he sees Twinkle elegantly clad in a provocative attire, gracefully swaying to a sensual tune. However, her demeanor quickly changes as she apologizes to Som for her conduct. Som, realizing his own mistakes, also expresses his regret and extends his apologies to Twinkle. A wave of happiness washes over Twinkle as their conversation concludes on a positive note.

Meanwhile, Rahul unexpectedly stumbles upon the potlis that were left by Rekha. Curiosity piqued, he contemplates exploring their contents. However, Rekha utilizes her powers and swiftly retrieves the potlis from Rahul’s grasp. Overwhelmed by fear, Rahul hastily retreats indoors, seeking refuge from the unsettling encounter.

[Episode End]

Precap : The Shukla family extends a warm welcome to Maha Pandit Ji as he enters their home. Maha Pandit Ji proceeds to share an intriguing revelation about a wandering spirit that resides within their house, emphasizing the spirit’s insistence on being brought forth. This unexpected revelation leaves everyone in a state of shock and astonishment.

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