Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Rekha closely following Gaura to her place of residence and expressing dissatisfaction about it. In defense, Gaura asserts that this is her birthplace. Rekha pleads with her to leave, cautioning that her mother would not spare her and reminding her of the threat during Som-Twinkle’s engagement. Gaura urges Rekha to remain silent. Suddenly, Laxmi throws a footwear, startling Rekha. Gaura’s parents and brother emerge from their house, with Gaura presenting a gift to her brother. Laxmi glares disapprovingly at Gaura.

Meanwhile, Som upsets a customer with his actions, resulting in humiliation. Rahul proceeds to teach Som how to calculate jewelry prices. Just then, Som receives an urgent call from Twinkle’s mother, imploring him to meet her immediately as Twinkle is with her. Som’s expression turns grave.

Elsewhere, Harish expresses his joy at meeting Gaura and blesses her. Gaura presents Harish with a gift, followed by gifting Laxmi a saree. Laxmi insults Gaura, deeming the saree to be of low quality. Rekha starts to hope that Gaura will accompany her back to their house. Gaura informs Laxmi that the saree was purchased with her first salary. Laxmi continues to insult her and warns her not to hold any hope of staying there. Gaura is taken aback by this. Harish firmly supports Gaura, asserting that the house belongs to him and she will stay there. He then instructs Laxmi to prepare Gaura’s favorite meal and escorts Gaura inside. Rekha becomes upset but resolves to convince Gaura to return to Shukla’s house.

Som notices Twinkle packing her belongings and decides to question her about it. Twinkle candidly reveals that due to Som’s failure to take her on a honeymoon, she has made plans to go on a trip with her friends instead. Concerned, Som inquires about when she will be returning. Twinkle, frustrated with the situation, refuses to go to Shukla’s house and blames Som for giving her false hope and marrying her, which has led to her current unhappiness. Adding to the tension, Twinkle’s mother scolds and accuses Som of ruining Twinkle’s life. Overwhelmed by the situation, Som becomes upset.

Desperate to salvage their relationship, Som pleads with Twinkle to give him a chance to prove himself. He promises to take charge of the family business and do whatever it takes to ensure her happiness. Twinkle, however, demands that Som promise to provide her with a monthly sum of fifty thousand. This revelation shocks Som, and he tries to explain his current financial situation, urging Twinkle to trust him. Just then, one of the workers interrupts, informing Twinkle that her cab is waiting. Both Twinkle and Som look on, their emotions mixed.

Later that night, Gaura prepares for bed, while Rekha complains about her surroundings and implores Gaura to accompany her to the Shukla’s house. Gaura declines the request, prompting Rekha to threaten to leave her and vanish. Worried, Gaura’s concern grows, but Rekha suddenly reappears. Gaura scolds her for playing tricks and returns to sleep. In the midst of the night, Yamduts (the messengers of death) appear and apprehend Rekha. Desperately calling for help, Rekha’s pleas fall on deaf ears as Gaura believes she is trying to deceive her, causing her to go back to sleep.

Chitragupta, the celestial record-keeper, chastises Rekha for going against the rules of paradise, insisting that she must go to hell. In a desperate attempt to rectify her mistakes, Rekha begs Chitragupta to allow her to return to Earth first and set things right. Initially refusing, Chitragupta eventually succumbs to Rekha’s threats and grants her request, assigning Yamduts to assist her. Rekha’s happiness knows no bounds.

Meanwhile, Som overhears his uncle discussing an important order that his boss needs, and he convinces his uncle to accept the order. Som assures him of its successful completion and refers to Twinkle as his lucky charm before contacting her. Twinkle reminds him of his earlier promise and leaves. Kanchan and her husband express concern, but Rahul supports Som before departing, leaving them puzzled.

Rekha recounts the events of the previous night to Gaura, who feels remorseful and apologizes to her, urging her to stay. However, Rekha fails to convince Gaura, leading her to vow that she will prove that Som can never find true happiness with Twinkle. Gaura looks on, conflicted by her words.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rekha confronted Gaura, questioning her decision to wear the mangalsutra and vermillion. In response, Gaura decided to remove them, displaying her determination to move forward, much to the astonishment of Rekha.

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