Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Gaura’s concerned expression as she makes her way to an undisclosed location. Meanwhile, a group of kids joyfully play on the road, but their excitement is abruptly halted when one of them gets injured, prompting tears and distress. Gaura, moved by their distress, gently consoles the injured child and proceeds to apply medicine to the wound. Unbeknownst to her, Varun observes the scene from his car while the soulful melody of “Kesariya Tera” plays in the background. Appreciating Gaura’s compassionate nature, he watches as she distributes chocolates to the children, engaging in playful interactions and showering them with affection. A smile graces Varun’s face as he witnesses the heartfelt connection between Gaura and the kids.

The children, filled with newfound joy, request Gaura to join them in their playtime adventures the following day. However, Gaura, with a tinge of regret, explains that she will try her best but cannot make any promises before bidding them farewell. Varun, plagued by the fear of jeopardizing their friendship, worries about the consequences of confessing his feelings to Gaura.

Meanwhile, Kanchan and Twinkle unexpectedly cross paths, leading to an encounter fraught with tension. Twinkle scolds Kanchan, provoking a display of feigned tears from Kanchan in response. Just then, Rahul arrives on the scene and aligns himself with Twinkle, further aggravating Kanchan’s annoyance. Twinkle taunts Kanchan by reminding her of her father’s assistance to their family and departs, leaving Kanchan seething with anger. She berates Rahul for supporting Twinkle and reveals her plan to sell Som’s shop and flee. In response, Rahul assures Kanchan that if their plan succeeds, he will search for a suitable daughter-in-law for her, eliciting a sense of joy in Kanchan’s heart.

Meanwhile, Som delegates the task of creating a ring for Varun’s friend to one of his employees. Simultaneously, Rekha ponders the absence of Gaura at the office, growing increasingly concerned. Gaura, shocked to find her business lacking customers, encounters Varun by chance. She vents her frustrations to him, expressing her dismay over the decline in her business. In response, Varun, intending to confess his feelings to Gaura, attempts to articulate his thoughts but ends up stumbling through his words, leaving Gaura puzzled and confused. As the situation unfolds, Rekha arrives on the scene and comprehends Varun’s intention to confess his love to Gaura. Sensing the need for privacy, Varun departs, leaving Gaura and Rekha in a moment of contemplation.

Gaura expresses her concerns about Varun’s peculiar behavior to Rekha. In response, Rekha reveals that Varun has romantic feelings for Gaura. This revelation shocks Gaura, leading her to scold Rekha for not informing her earlier. Despite their disagreement, they shift their conversation to the number of ghosts they still need to assist.

During their discussion, Gaura realizes that once Rekha completes the task assigned to her by Chitragupta, she will depart from the world. This realization saddens Gaura, and Rekha confirms the truth of her impending departure, causing sadness to engulf them both.

Meanwhile, Kanchan and her friends pay a visit to Som’s shop. The employees of the shop gossip about Kanchan’s habit of stealing. Unaware that the jewelry she steals is fake, Kanchan takes it and then suggests watching a movie to her friends. However, her friends decide to postpone their visit to the shop for another day. Before leaving, they capture a photograph together. Kanchan, in her mind, plans to execute her scheme, believing she has gathered enough items to accomplish it.

Later, Rahul manipulates the photograph of Kanchan and her friends. Kanchan becomes delighted, believing their plan is on track for success. Meanwhile, inside Som’s shop, customers receive a notification and notice a ghostly figure in Kanchan’s photo. Fearing that the shop is haunted, they quickly leave without making any purchases. Som becomes perplexed by this sudden turn of events. His confusion grows when a customer shows him the photo and then departs. Observing this situation from outside, Kanchan and Rahul are pleased and urge each other to ensure the success of their plan.

Meanwhile, Rekha finds herself troubled by the antics of Yamduts, and she breaks down in tears. Witnessing Rekha’s distress, Gaura pleads with God to provide assistance in helping Rekha.

[Episode End]

Precap : Varun makes a firm decision to lend a hand to Som, prompting him to inform Gaura about the restless spirit plaguing his friend’s mother. Gaura wastes no time and pays a visit to Som’s shop. To their astonishment, both Kanchan and Gaura lock eyes, leaving them in a state of profound shock.

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