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Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Churni confronting Ajay about his actions, seeking an explanation. Ajay expresses his disappointment towards his parents for disregarding his wishes. He proceeds to defend Riya, emphasizing her innocence. Suddenly, Ajay notices his father holding a photograph of God, causing him to become tense, prompting him to retreat indoors. Gaura and Rekha, feeling helpless, observe the situation.

Meanwhile, Varun is explaining his project to the clients when Gaura arrives, her eyes filled with tears. Sensing her distress, Varun politely excuses himself and inquires about the reason behind her sadness. Gaura implores him to accompany her to the police station, as she needs to locate her “bhoot boss” (ghost boss). Confused, Varun asks a series of questions regarding this peculiar term. Gaura realizes that she cannot seek assistance from anyone since Rekha is the bhoot boss she is referring to. Overwhelmed, Gaura bursts into tears. Varun assures Gaura of his unwavering support, assuring her that he will stand by her side no matter what. Gaura asks him to confirm his decision to support her, to which Varun responds that as a friend, he will always be there for her. Gaura finds solace in his words and eventually departs, leaving Varun with a warm smile on his face.

Ajay approached Rekha with a noticeable change in his demeanor, causing her to be shocked by his sudden transformation. Just then, Riya approached Ajay, giving Rekha a glimmer of hope that Ajay would finally be exposed. However, Rekha couldn’t help but mock Ajay, taunting him about his imminent exposure. Unexpectedly, Ajay shifted his demeanor back to his human form and confronted Riya, leaving Rekha utterly astonished.

Riya pleaded with Ajay, requesting his assistance in returning her home. Ajay was taken aback by Riya’s plea, unsure of how to respond. He then put on an act for Riya, pretending to need her support during a difficult time. Rekha couldn’t resist the opportunity to taunt him further. Suddenly, Ajay utilized his supernatural powers, causing a fan to fall on himself, which deeply concerned Riya.

To everyone’s surprise, Ajay’s parents arrived on the scene and swiftly took him away from the situation. Ajay’s refusal to seek medical treatment left his parents and Riya baffled. Rekha couldn’t help but wonder why the ghost was intentionally harming himself.

Meanwhile, Gaura reminisced about the moments she had shared with Rekha. She fervently prayed to God, seeking assistance in finding Rekha and reminding herself that they were carrying out the task assigned to them by Chitragupta Ji. After pondering over everything that had occurred, Gaura realized that all the incidents were centered around Ajay’s house. With this realization, she made up her mind to pay a visit to the house.

At the same time, Rekha found herself unable to recall any recent events and grew increasingly perplexed. Gaura, en route to Ajay’s house, unfortunately sustained an injury. Fortunately, Varun arrived at the scene and tended to Gaura’s wound. He provided her with encouragement, urging her not to give up on her mission to find her “bhoot boss.” Empowered by his words, Gaura became determined to locate Rekha.

Gaura eventually arrived at Ajay’s house, where she encountered Riya waiting outside. Riya earnestly implored Gaura to help her prove to her in-laws that she was not a ghost. Recalling Rekha’s advice about ghosts being manipulative, Gaura decided not to be swayed by Riya’s words. Nevertheless, she assured Riya that she would assist her. As Riya entered the house, Gaura noticed the footwear of Ajay’s family members, which left her perplexed. She also overheard the doctor complaining about the patient’s unwillingness to receive treatment.

Sensing Gaura’s presence, Rekha cautiously hoped that it was not just her imagination playing tricks on her. Churni questioned Ajay about his refusal to be treated by the doctor, and Ajay offered a series of excuses. Upon noticing Gaura, he questioned her presence in his house. In response, Ajay’s father demanded a refund. Ajay quickly put on an act, apologizing to Gaura for his behavior. Gaura, playing her part, claimed to be there to refund their fee. She then recalled Rekha’s advice about ghosts not having a reflection in the mirror. With this in mind, Gaura purposely dropped the money on the floor and used a pocket mirror to uncover the real ghost. The revelation left her in utter shock as she realized that Ajay was the ghost all along.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gaura reaches the location where Rekha is being held captive, determined to rescue her. However, Ajay intervenes and prevents Gaura from proceeding further, gripping her throat tightly. This sudden turn of events leaves Rekha deeply concerned.

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