Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences by taking us back a few months, when a woman rushes out of a building, pursued by two men. Eventually, they manage to capture her, and a fierce struggle ensues, leading to the woman falling from the balcony. Tragically, she lies motionless in a pool of her own blood. The men, realizing the gravity of the situation, assure the injured woman that they will transport her to the hospital before departing. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, the lady succumbs to her injuries and passes away. Fast forward a few months, and the two security personnel engage in a conversation about the untimely demise of the woman. As they reflect on her death, they decide to label the hotel as haunted.

Meanwhile, Gaura finds herself desperately evading a pack of dogs that are relentlessly chasing her. In her desperate attempt to escape, she inadvertently stumbles upon the entrance of the hotel. Anxious and filled with trepidation, she frantically looks for Rekha, but her fear intensifies upon noticing that the dogs are still lingering outside. Overwhelmed by the eerie atmosphere of the hotel, she finds solace in pleading with a higher power to protect her. As she grapples with her fear, she struggles to gather the courage to leave the premises and ponders the perplexing question of how to escape this daunting place.

There, Som approaches the dhaba owner to inquire about Gaura’s whereabouts, as she used to work there. The dhaba owner speaks highly of Gaura but claims to be unaware of her current location. Som becomes upset, burdened by a sense of guilt for Gaura’s predicament. Determined to make things right in her life, he decides to find Gaura at any cost.

Meanwhile, in the hotel, the spirit of the deceased lady, who passed away a few months earlier, manifests as a ghost and causes Gaura to lose consciousness. The ghost attempts to possess Gaura’s body, but just in the nick of time, Rekha arrives on the scene. With bravery, Rekha confronts the ghost, threatening and battling it. Gaura regains consciousness, only to face a scolding from Rekha, who informs her about the presence of another ghost. Gaura becomes frightened.

As Rekha fights the second ghost, it shoves Gaura aside, causing her to fall into a pile of white powder. The impact leaves her face pallid, resembling that of a ghost. Terrified by Gaura’s transformed appearance, Rekha lets out a scream, exclaiming “bhoot.” Sensing the presence of two more ghosts, Gaura also screams in fear. The commotion reaches the ears of the guards, who rush to investigate.

The guards accuse Gaura of intentionally frightening them by pretending to be a ghost. Gaura tries to explain that she sought refuge in the hotel to escape from dogs, but the guards refuse to believe her. They contact the hotel owner, Varun, to inform him of Gaura’s capture.

Later, Varun arrives at his hotel and notifies the inspector about apprehending the person responsible for pretending to be a ghost and scaring away customers. He urges the authorities to arrest Gaura. Upon meeting Gaura, Varun accuses her of terrifying his clients and causing a loss in business. Despite Gaura’s pleas for trust, Varun remains skeptical. Rekha suggests that Gaura lie to Varun, but Gaura refuses. Varun and the guards become perplexed witnessing Gaura’s interaction with someone who remains invisible to them.

Subsequently, the inspector and his team arrive and proceed to arrest Gaura, disregarding her pleas. Rekha grows concerned and believes that she can relate to Gaura’s situation. She assumes that Chitragupta allowed her to seek Gaura’s assistance and employs her powers to snatch the inspector’s cap, creating a moment of fear for everyone present. Gaura scolds Rekha for causing trouble, but Rekha insists that she follows her instructions. Reluctantly, Gaura complies and informs Varun that his hotel is indeed haunted. However, she assures him that she can help rid the hotel of ghosts, on the condition that he withdraws the complaint. Varun reluctantly agrees and dismisses the police. Gaura promises Varun that she will help him transform his hotel into a ghost-free establishment, but her worried expression reveals her apprehensions.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gaura discovers the identification card of the ghost while she is still alive in close proximity to the hotel. This discovery sparks Rekha’s conviction that some form of injustice must have transpired with the girl, motivating her to uncover the truth behind the incident.

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