Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Gaura tidying up her bed, when suddenly Rekha enters the room, expressing her boredom and proposing a game of hide and seek. Intrigued by the idea, Gaura agrees to play along. With anticipation building, Gaura shuts her eyes and begins to count, while Rekha stealthily prepares for the game. Rekha cleverly positions herself behind Gaura, prompting a cry of foul play from her. Unwilling to leave matters unresolved, Rekha suggests playing another round, to which Gaura readily consents. Determined to even the score, Gaura embarks on a quest to locate Rekha, eventually triumphing and subsequently returning to her slumber. Recognizing Gaura’s need for peace of mind, Rekha kindly covers her with a cozy quilt, wishing her a worry-free rest, unaffected by thoughts of her mother.

Meanwhile, Som commends Varun’s affection for a girl he holds deep feelings for. Curiosity piqued, Som inquires about the girl’s name, but their conversation is abruptly interrupted by the sight of a man attempting to break into their car. Swiftly reacting, both Som and Varun rush towards the intruder, with Varun skillfully subduing him through physical confrontation. Shortly thereafter, law enforcement officials arrive on the scene and apprehend both Som and Varun for their involvement. As the following day dawns, Gaura receives an unexpected phone call from Varun, who divulges his predicament and earnestly implores her to assist him as a witness. Sympathetic to his plight, Gaura agrees to lend her support.

Som contacts Twinkle to inform her about his situation, leaving her shocked. However, Som assures her that he is safe. Kanchan and Rahul discover that Som has been arrested, causing Twinkle to become furious at Rahul’s remarks before storming off. At the police station, Gaura arrives but fails to catch sight of Som, and he too misses seeing her. Gaura signs as a witness and tells Varun that she will wait for him outside before leaving. Eventually, both Som and Varun are released, but the inspector warns them.

Meanwhile, Gaura is engrossed in a conversation with Rekha when Twinkle arrives at the scene. Unfortunately, they fail to notice each other. Som expresses his gratitude to Varun for his assistance and urges him to confess his feelings to the girl he loves at the earliest opportunity. Varun complies and departs. Twinkle confronts Som, accusing him of spending the night with Gaura. Irritated, Som clarifies that he did not spend the night with Gaura but rather stayed in the lockup with his friend, Varun. Varun encounters Gaura outside the police station, where she scolds him. He apologizes to her, while Som and Twinkle emerge from the police station without noticing Gaura.

Varun insists on giving Gaura a ride home, and she agrees. During the journey, Gaura engages in an argument with Rekha, which perplexes Varun. Suddenly, Rekha is astonished to see two ghosts in Varun’s car and vanishes. Gaura urges Varun to discuss his sentiments regarding his father’s car, but he refuses to talk and instead informs her that the driver will drop her off at her house. Varun then enters his house, followed by the ghosts.

Rekha warns Gaura about the two ghosts who are trailing Varun, revealing it to be their new project. Varun has a conversation with his deceased parents’ photographs. Gaura arrives and encourages Varun to open up about his past. This angers Varun, but Rekha realizes that the ghosts are Varun’s parents and shares this revelation with Gaura. Varun blames himself for his parents’ death, shocking Gaura. Rekha confronts the ghosts but becomes saddened when she realizes they are unable to speak, although it becomes evident that they have something important to convey about their accident. Meanwhile, Rahul supports Twinkle by requesting Kanchan’s assistance, but Kanchan scolds him. On the other hand, Varun asks Gaura to leave, claiming that he doesn’t need her help. Upset, Gaura decides to depart. As she opens the door to leave, she is taken aback by something and screams, leaving Rekha and Varun deeply concerned.

[Episode End]

Precap : Varun’s uncle pays him a visit, and Varun takes the opportunity to confide in him about his distress. After their conversation, Gaura notices Varun’s uncle handing money to a man whom she had encountered before, leaving her perplexed.

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