Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Gaura expressing her commitment to Varun about assisting him in getting rid of the ghost. However, uncertainty lingers as they ponder over the approach. Rekha proposes that they must fulfill the spirit’s wish and suggests they search in different locations. Gaura voices her frustration, unable to perceive the ghost’s presence. Suddenly, she becomes startled as she realizes Rekha is no longer by her side. Meanwhile, Rekha embarks on her own quest to locate the ghost.

Gaura recites a series of mantras while searching, but she becomes the target of the ghost’s attack. Just as Gaura finds herself in peril, Rekha arrives at the scene. Together, they manage to prevent the ghost from snatching a purse from Gaura’s possession. While examining the contents of the purse, Gaura discovers an ID belonging to Kiran Chaudhary. Before Rekha can confront the ghost, it vanishes into thin air. Recognizing the need to uncover the truth behind Kiran’s demise, Rekha and Gaura make a firm decision.

Later on, Gaura visits Kiran Chaudhary’s workplace. She learns from the receptionist about Kiran’s untimely death. Additionally, a colleague mentions that Kiran had been urged to end her own life, likely due to her father’s ailing health. Gathering Kiran’s address from the hotel staff, Gaura acquires the information and departs from the premises.

Gaura encounters Kiran’s father and witnesses his anguish over Kiran’s death. The revelation of Kiran’s loan taken from the office for his treatment shocks him. Rekha, sensing an opportunity, advises Gaura to extract information from Kiran’s father about her friends, as seen in the photo album. Kiran’s father reveals the names of Kiran’s friends, Prakash and Rohit, who regularly inquire about his health. Rekha’s suspicions are aroused, prompting them to uncover Prakash and Rohit’s intentions.

Meanwhile, Rahul engages in flirtatious banter with Twinkle, leaving her delighted by the attention. Simultaneously, Som embarks on a quest to locate Gaura. Gaura encounters Prakash and interrogates him about Kiran’s demise. Prakash becomes agitated, struggling to answer Gaura’s inquiries, and eventually erupts in anger before storming off. Gaura is disheartened by the outcome, while Prakash promptly notifies Rohit about Gaura’s presence.

Later, Gaura disguises herself as Kiran, assuming his appearance. On her way, Rekha spots Som but fails to recognize him, a fact she discloses to Gaura. Gaura encourages Rekha to recollect the person’s identity. Gaura instills fear in Rohit, who mistakes her for Kiran and promptly alerts Prakash. Prakash dismisses Rohit’s fears, only to be astounded when he encounters Gaura in her Kiran disguise. Gaura demands answers from Prakash, who is frightened but before he can confess his crimes, Gaura stumbles and sustains an injury. This revelation convinces Prakash that Gaura is not a ghost. As he attempts to approach her, Rekha employs her powers to assist Gaura, bringing relief to Gaura while instilling fear in Prakash.

Som returns home, prompting Twinkle to taunt him for searching for Gaura. Their argument escalates, and Twinkle eventually departs. In a different location, Gaura, in her ghostly form, intimidates Prakash and demands the truth. Prakash tries to escape but is restrained by Rekha’s powers. Unable to reach Rohit, Prakash breaks down in tears. Gaura urges him to confess his crimes. Suddenly, the police arrive, and Prakash admits to killing Kiran. He is subsequently arrested, leaving Gaura and Rekha overjoyed by the outcome.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gaura’s revelation catches Varun off guard as he had previously mocked her. To his surprise, she confidently informs him that she was the one who assisted him in ridding his hotel of the troublesome ghost.

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