Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Gaura fetching water for Rekha, but her mood sours upon realizing that spirits cannot consume water. In light of this, she informs Rekha that once Twinkle undergoes the challenging atonement, Rekha will be relieved of all her pain. Gaura also advises Rekha to return to her room using her supernatural powers to avoid being discovered by the family members.

The following day, Som confronts Twinkle about covering her face with a veil. Twinkle quickly comes up with an excuse, and Som eventually departs from the scene. Meanwhile, Twinkle receives a distressing call from her mother’s helper, who explains that she has sustained an injury and is unable to provide assistance. Twinkle is taken aback and filled with despair as she ponders how to save herself from this predicament.

Som surprises Twinkle with a basket brimming with flowers and expresses his concern for her, knowing that she must undergo the challenging atonement for Rekha’s sake. Twinkle puts on an act, assuring him that she is willing to do anything for Rekha. Som commends Twinkle for her dedication. In her thoughts, Twinkle hopes that her mother will soon contact Som so that she can arrange transportation to reach the temple via an auto-rickshaw. With determination, she prepares herself to embark on the arduous atonement.

In the scenario, Rekha expresses admiration for Twinkle’s sacrifices in assisting her by agreeing to undertake a challenging penance. Gaura praises Twinkle as a fortunate daughter-in-law to have a loving mother-in-law like Rekha. However, Twinkle faces difficulties in performing the penance. Som suggests that they seek advice from Maha Pandit for alternative practices, but Twinkle refuses, secretly feeling that Rekha’s insistence on these practices caused her death. Som takes Twinkle aside and guides her to sit under a tree.

Rekha urges Gaura to check on Twinkle, and Gaura complies before leaving. In the meantime, Twinkle decides to call her mother for help. Gaura arrives at the temple and prays for both Twinkle and Rekha. She then donates her footwear to an elderly woman and begins searching for Twinkle. Som gives money to a shopkeeper to purchase an ice cube.

Gaura spots Twinkle and covers her face with a saree. Twinkle recognizes the disguised Gaura and addresses her as Bindiya. She calls Gaura over and hands her a similar saree, requesting an exchange. Gaura becomes perplexed and tries to ask questions, but Twinkle dismisses her, asking her to emerge only when called. Gaura complies.

Som, wanting to alleviate Twinkle’s pain, brings her a glass of ice water. Just as he does so, he receives a call from Twinkle’s mother. Her voice filled with concern, she tells Som that she slipped and injured herself, asking him for help. She also pleads with him not to inform Twinkle about the incident as it may worry her. Som, torn between Twinkle’s mother’s plea and his desire to assist, decides to help Twinkle’s mother. He quickly comes up with an excuse and leaves to lend a helping hand. Twinkle, unaware of the situation, feels a surge of happiness.

Gaura finds herself curious about Twinkle’s motive for making her wear a saree that resembles her own. Intrigued, Gaura seeks out Twinkle and confronts her about it. To Gaura’s surprise, Twinkle asks a disguised Gaura to perform a challenging penance on her behalf, promising a generous payment in return. This unexpected request leaves Gaura taken aback, and the two engage in a heated argument. Seeking to justify her actions, Twinkle lies to Bindiya about experiencing health issues. Gaura, disappointed by Twinkle’s duplicity, recalls the words of Maha Pandit but eventually agrees to perform the puja. Twinkle’s face lights up with happiness at Gaura’s decision.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gaura, with bleeding feet, finally arrives at the temple, fervently praying for Rekha. Suddenly, Som extends his hand from inside the temple, leaving both Gaura and Twinkle utterly astonished.

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