Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts as Rahul steps into the shop and surreptitiously retrieves the jewelry that Som is slated to deliver the following day. Cunningly, he replaces the precious items with counterfeit ornaments. Overwhelmed with satisfaction, Rahul exclaims that Som’s life will be severely impacted starting the next day, once he presents the fake jewels to SD.

Meanwhile, Twinkle grows concerned about Som’s prolonged absence from home. Rekha revels in the situation and expresses her desire to witness how long Twinkle will remain faithful and await Som’s return as a devoted wife. Som, on his way back home, encounters obstacles orchestrated by Rekha with the assistance of Yamduts, beings with supernatural powers. Despite the Yamduts’ reluctance to aid Rekha any further, she coerces them by reminding them of Chitragupta’s directive. Succumbing to Rekha’s threats, the Yamduts reluctantly agree to assist her. Together, they transport Som to a warehouse in accordance with Rekha’s instructions.

Gaura’s anxiety grows as she realizes that Rekha is not by her side, indicating that something is amiss. Frantically searching for her, Gaura comes across a distressing sight: someone has taken away Som. Desperate to catch Rekha’s attention, Gaura tries to get through to her, but Rekha dismisses her and departs with the Yamduts. Madanlal and Chamanlal seize the opportunity to leave before Rekha assigns them other tasks.

Gaura discovers Som in an unconscious state, which deeply worries her. Just then, Rekha appears on the scene and reassures Gaura that Som will be alright. She claims responsibility for orchestrating this incident to expose Twinkle’s true nature to Som. Gaura, angered by Rekha’s actions, demands that she let Som live his life independently. In response, Rekha scolds Gaura and urges her to accompany her to see what Twinkle is up to. However, Gaura refuses, choosing instead to care for Som, and Rekha departs alone.

Concerned that Som has not regained consciousness, Gaura becomes even more anxious and rushes to find Rekha. Meanwhile, Twinkle, upset by Som’s absence, decides to have dinner. Exploiting her powers, Rekha torments Twinkle, causing her to become frightened and flee from the situation. The following day, Gaura’s worry intensifies when Som still hasn’t regained consciousness, prompting her to hastily search for Rekha.

Meanwhile, Rahul returns home and lies to Kanchan, claiming that he spent the entire night with his friends. Kanchan scolds him and walks away. Rahul then taunts Twinkle, asking about her dinner date with Som, before leaving. Furious, Twinkle resolves not to let Som off the hook.

Gaura pleads with Rekha to assist Som in regaining consciousness, but Rekha assures her that Som will regain consciousness naturally. Gaura goes to check on Som, but by the time she arrives, he has already left. Although Gaura fails to witness Som’s departure, she feels relieved, realizing that he has regained consciousness. She promptly informs Rekha about the development. Som returns to the shop to deliver the order to SD.

Rekha forcibly takes Gaura with her to Shukla’s house, while Som arrives home. Twinkle puts on a charade in front of Som, questioning him about his overnight absence. Som recounts the events honestly, but Twinkle refuses to believe him. Feeling dejected, Som asks Twinkle what efforts she made to find him, leaving her speechless. Rekha becomes hopeful that Twinkle may finally be exposed. In a feeble attempt to cover her tracks, Twinkle lies that she did search for Som. Just then, the police arrive, informing Som about SD’s complaint against him, leaving everyone shocked.

[Episode End]

Precap : Som begs the police officers to have faith in him. Rekha laments her actions, which inadvertently caused trouble for Som. Gaura discloses to the authorities that Som spent the entire night with her, leaving everyone stunned.

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