Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Som making the decision to reveal Gaura’s true identity, which causes worry for both Gaura and Twinkle. Gaura, desperate to divert his attention, shares her pain with him. Som goes off to retrieve the medicine box, with Rekha following him closely. In the meantime, Twinkle enters the room and anxiously pleads with Bindiya to leave immediately.

Som, burdened by guilt over Twinkle’s condition, blames himself while Rekha prays for Twinkle’s well-being. Meanwhile, in her thoughts, Twinkle resolves to approach Gaura calmly and persuade her to leave the room. Som diligently searches for the first aid box, causing frustration for Rekha as she realizes he cannot hear her. However, Som eventually finds the first aid box, relieving Rekha’s worry.

Meanwhile, Twinkle expresses her gratitude to Gaura, who is disguised, for assisting her and then implores her to exchange clothes and depart. Gaura complies with Twinkle’s request and leaves the room.

Som approached Twinkle with a first aid kit, concerned about her well-being. However, Twinkle reassured him that she was fine and took the opportunity to inquire about their honeymoon plans. In response, Som regretfully informed her that he had canceled their tickets upon seeing her wounds. Twinkle couldn’t hold back her tears, feeling disappointed. Som tried to console her, emphasizing the need to focus on her injury for now. Witnessing Twinkle’s canceled honeymoon plan, Rekha sympathized with her and felt sorry for the unfortunate turn of events. Meanwhile, Gaura overheard Som’s worry for Twinkle, which deeply wounded her. Feeling hurt, she made the decision to leave the house quietly before anyone from the Shukla family could insult her.

Rekha stumbled upon Gaura and took a moment to praise Twinkle for her selfless sacrifices. Curious about Gaura’s sudden departure and her limping, Rekha questioned her, unaware of the deeper reasons behind Gaura’s decision. Upset, Gaura expressed her emotional pain to Rekha and conveyed the significance of her choice to leave the house. Shocked by Gaura’s revelation, Rekha decided not to stop her but demanded the return of her jewelry, which she had intended to give to Twinkle. Gaura reluctantly agreed to return the jewelry and departed, with Rekha following her.

In her room, Twinkle became determined to go on her honeymoon, regardless of the circumstances. Just then, Rahul entered and began mocking Twinkle while instigating her against Rekha. Filled with anger, Twinkle shouted at Rahul and forcefully made him leave her room. She resolved to find a way to confront Rekha’s spirit and rid herself of the torment. Meanwhile, Gaura returned Rekha’s jewelry and prepared to leave. Rekha couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness as Gaura’s departure weighed on her heart.

Rekha, utilizing her powers, guides Gaura into the house, much to the latter’s dismay. She then insists that Gaura stay until she witnesses Twinkle wearing her jewelry. However, Gaura refuses, pleading with Rekha not to trouble her any further. Gaura respectfully takes Rekha’s blessings but ultimately decides to leave. Once Gaura departs, Rekha, having handed over the jewelry to Twinkle, resolves to return to paradise.

Meanwhile, Kanchan informs Ganga about Som’s attentive care for his wife, Twinkle. Seizing the opportunity, Kanchan stirs up suspicion within Ganga by suggesting that Twinkle’s maid might pilfer something from their home. Ganga instructs Kanchan to open her room window, allowing her to keep a vigilant watch over everyone. In the meantime, Som lovingly feeds Twinkle her meal. Deep in thought, Twinkle resolves to find a way to erase Rekha’s memory from Som’s mind.

As Gaura, disguised as someone else, exits the house, Kanchan and Ganga spot her and assume she has stolen something. Kanchan confronts Gaura, demanding to see the contents of her bag. Gaura becomes shocked and worried, realizing that the items within the bag were given to her by Kanchan and Ganga. She ponders how she can safeguard her true identity from being exposed.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kanchan insists that Gaura, who is disguised, display her bags, but Gaura adamantly declines. Frustrated, Kanchan summons Twinkle and the others for support. Twinkle confronts Bindiya, issuing a stern ultimatum for her to depart. Seeing the tension escalate, Gaura ultimately decides to leave. However, as she turns to depart, Kanchan swiftly unveils her, revealing Gaura’s true identity. The shocking revelation leaves both Gaura and everyone else in disbelief.

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