Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Ajay fervently urging Gaura to vacate the house without delay. Responding to Ajay’s plea, Gaura implores the other family members to accompany her to Ajay’s room, claiming that there is a ghost haunting the premises. The sound of Gaura’s voice catches Rekha’s attention, and she calls out for her assistance. Gaura insists that the family members join her, while Ajay refutes the existence of any ghost in his room. Undeterred, Gaura expresses her resolute determination to aid them in ridding the house of the ghost before departing. Sensing the growing concern among the family members, Churni inquires about Gaura’s assertions. Ajay reassures his family that he will take care of everything and then leave. The worried expressions on the faces of the family members betray their unease.

Meanwhile, at the BMW office inauguration ceremony, Varun playfully mocks the photographer for providing him with hard copies of the photos instead of the requested soft copies. He requests the photographer to send him the soft copies and peruses the pictures, which feature himself and Gaura. A flashback ensues, wherein Gaura questions Varun about the elaborate arrangements for the inauguration ceremony. Varun insists that she deserves such extravagance and proceeds to feed Gaura the sugar and curds she had purchased. The flashback concludes, leaving Varun smiling as he gazes at the photos.

Back at Ajay’s house, Gaura discovers Rekha bound in Ajay’s room. She endeavors to free her, but Ajay intervenes and attempts to strangle Gaura. Engaged in a struggle to break free from Ajay’s grip, Gaura finds herself in a perilous situation. Witnessing the altercation, Rekha warns Ajay to release Gaura. With great effort, Gaura manages to extricate herself from Ajay’s clutches and implores Rekha to uncover the truth regarding Ajay’s ghostly claims. Utilizing her powers, Rekha delves into the truth, causing Ajay to grow increasingly anxious.

Ajay issues a stern warning to both Rekha and Gaura, cautioning them against revealing his true identity to his parents. He explains that his parents would be unable to handle the truth and would likely suffer immediate devastation. However, Rekha dismisses Ajay’s concerns and mocks him, claiming to already know about his suicide and his wife’s murder at the hands of his parents. Ajay adamantly refuses to believe these accusations, defending his parents against Rekha’s allegations.

To support her claims, Rekha employs her supernatural abilities, granting Ajay and Gaura a glimpse of the past events. Through a vision, they witness Ajay’s parents tampering with the gas pipelines in secret, leading to Naina’s tragic demise. Overwhelmed with grief and realizing his parents’ culpability in his wife’s death, Ajay breaks down in tears. He decides that he no longer wants to remain in this world and expresses his desire to be with Mukti, seeking an escape from the painful reality.

Rekha advises Ajay to confront his parents and face them about their actions before making any irreversible decisions. Reluctantly, Ajay agrees to follow her advice, understanding the importance of confronting his parents directly.

Churni, burdened by guilt, confesses her crime to Ajay, shocking Riya. In a shocking revelation, Ajay discloses that he had actually died on the same day Naina was killed but returned to fulfill his responsibility towards his parents. The shocking revelation causes Riya to lose consciousness. Ajay departs from the world, leaving behind the anguish and turmoil.

Shortly after, an inspector arrives at the scene with his team, promptly arresting Ajay’s parents before departing from the premises.

Gaura assists Riya in regaining consciousness and advises her to remain strong during this challenging time. Varun arrives at the scene, and Gaura assures him that she is fine. She requests Varun to safely escort Riya to her house, a favor which Varun willingly accepts. Later, Gaura expresses her disappointment and disapproval towards Ajay’s parents to Rekha, who considers Gaura to be innocent and righteous. Both women shower each other with praise and admiration. As their encounter concludes, Rekha sings a melodious song and bids her farewell.

Meanwhile, Twinkle irritates Som by persistently calling him while he is driving. Frustrated, Som disconnects the call. Shortly after, he finds himself entangled in a confrontation with a group of thieves who attempt to steal his jewelry after colliding with his car. Varun comes to Som’s aid, offering his assistance. He insists on taking Som to a specific location. Som agrees, entering Varun’s car and noticing a photograph lying face down. He picks it up, curious about its contents, and turns it around to see the person captured in the image.

[Episode End]

Precap : Varun and Som decide to have a few drinks together. As they relax, Som’s curiosity about Varun’s love life kicks in. Som starts asking Varun about his girlfriend, eager to know more. Varun, slightly intoxicated, begins discussing her profession. Som is taken aback by this revelation and eagerly inquires about Varun’s girlfriend’s name. Varun’s expression turns thoughtful as he ponders the question, leaving Som waiting in anticipation.

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