Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Varun’s uncle instructing his subordinate to eliminate Varun, commanding him to depart from the city and only return upon receiving further instructions. He emphasizes the severe consequences if the plan fails once again. The subordinate assures him of Varun’s demise, and Varun’s uncle departs. The hired individual sprays a gas into the room where Varun is present and makes his exit. Gaura and Rekha embark on a search mission to locate Varun. The hired man contemplates to himself that sometimes Varun will meet his end, displaying a sinister smirk.

Meanwhile, Som attempts to contact Varun but becomes upset when he fails to receive a response. Twinkle arrives and confronts Som, accusing him of having an affair. Som ridicules her and requests that she spare him from baseless accusations before leaving. Twinkle becomes annoyed and subsequently becomes determined to uncover the truth about Som’s life.

Gaura and Rekha discover Varun unconscious at the construction site. With Gaura’s assistance, Varun regains consciousness, and she proceeds to inform him about his uncle’s sinister plot to kill him. Varun finds himself bewildered by Gaura’s revelation, unsure of whether to believe her. Rekha urges Gaura to leave, emphasizing the lurking danger. However, Varun refuses to accept Gaura’s claims against his uncle. Pleading with him to trust her, Gaura tries to convince Varun. In the midst of their conversation, Rekha taunts Gaura for risking their lives and urges her to take Varun away from the site. Eventually, Gaura manages to persuade Varun, and they make their way out.

Meanwhile, the hired assassin hurls a piece of firewood into the building, causing an explosion. The entire incident is recorded and sent to Varun’s uncle.

Later, Som is taken aback when he learns about Varun’s alleged demise from the news. Upon reaching Varun’s house, he witnesses the uncle performing the final rites for Varun. Som engages in conversation with Varun’s uncle, who pretends to be grief-stricken. Som inquires about Varun’s business partner, confusing the uncle. After their conversation, Som departs, and Gaura arrives at the scene. However, both Som and Gaura miss encountering each other once again.

Gaura catches sight of Varun, who is hiding inside the house. Varun gestures to her, and a flashback reveals Gaura informing him that his uncle is responsible for the attempted murder and the death of his parents. Varun remains skeptical, claiming that his uncle is his father’s best friend and is treated equally in their household. Pleading with Varun for a chance to prove her allegations, Gaura manages to convince him, and she shares her plan.

Under the cover of night, Varun’s uncle sits before a photo frame of Varun, sipping his drink. Suddenly, the house door opens, and Varun enters, shocking his uncle. Varun confronts his uncle about the murders of him and his parents. Believing Varun to be a ghost, his uncle mocks him, expressing his resentment towards Suresh, who is favored over him in the house. In a fit of jealousy, he had tampered with the car’s brakes, causing the fatal accident.

The room is illuminated as the inspector switches on the light, startling Varun’s uncle. Varun requests the inspector to arrest his uncle, leaving the latter shocked to realize that Varun is still alive. The police take his uncle into custody, and Varun’s deceased parents’ spirits depart. Grateful, Varun expresses his appreciation to Gaura, who advises him to take care of himself. The following day, Som is impressed by Varun and his business partners’ scheme to trap his uncle. Encouraging Varun, Som suggests he confess his feelings to his partner. Varun admits his fear of rejection, but Som assures him that it won’t happen, then departs. Determined, Varun decides to confess his love to Gaura.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gaura expresses her frustration to Varun, sharing her concerns about the lack of customers they have been experiencing. Sensing her dissatisfaction, Varun decides to open up about something he wants to share with her. As Gaura notices his serious demeanor, she fixes her gaze on him, eagerly awaiting his words.

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