Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Twinkle urging Bindiya to begin the atonement, reminding her that they only have 30 minutes left to finish it. Bindiya agrees and leaves the place, making Twinkle happy. She realizes that because of Bindiya, she is saved from going to the temple barefoot. Twinkle then hails an auto and heads towards the temple.

Meanwhile, Gaura walks towards the temple while holding a diya in her hand. She tells herself that she will reach the temple before the designated time and silently asks Rekha to hold on for a few more minutes. However, Gaura starts feeling dizzy. At the same time, Rekha is seen trying to remain strong.

In another scene, Som meets Twinkle’s mother and she requests him to bring a doctor. Som agrees to her request.

Gaura, while en route to the temple, sustains an injury but remains determined to reach her destination at any cost. She fervently prays to God, seeking assistance in fulfilling this act of atonement to alleviate her mother-in-law’s suffering, whom she holds dear as her own mother. With unwavering determination, she hastens her steps towards the temple, only to be disheartened by an announcement that the temple gates are closing.

Meanwhile, the doctor assures both Twinkle’s mother and Som that Twinkle’s mother is in good health and provides her with a painkiller. Som departs for the temple, while Twinkle, inside the temple, anxiously ponders the whereabouts of Bindiya. In the midst of her thoughts, her mother calls and informs her that Som is on his way to the temple. Twinkle contemplates how to avoid getting caught by Som and find a way to protect herself.

In a disguise, Gaura finally reaches the temple with bleeding feet. Overwhelmed by her predicament, she implores God to aid her in completing the sacred ritual, which will bring an end to Rekha’s suffering. Twinkle breathes a sigh of relief upon spotting Gaura entering the temple. However, her relief quickly turns into shock when she notices Bindiya’s injured feet. Nonetheless, she finds solace in the fact that she is not the one who performed the puja, alleviating her fears of being discovered.

Twinkle extends her hand to receive the diya from Bindiya, but a disguised Gaura refuses to hand it over and instead heads inside the temple to complete the puja. Just then, Som arrives and mistakenly asks the disguised Gaura to place her leg in his hand, thinking it’s Twinkle. Both Twinkle and Gaura are shocked and concerned by the situation. However, Gaura disregards Som’s request and proceeds into the temple to finish the puja. Rekha recovers and expresses her joy, praising Twinkle.

Inside the temple, Twinkle anxiously hopes that Som did not see Bindiya’s face, as it would reveal her true identity, which she cannot afford. Som and Gaura pray for Rekha’s well-being. Meanwhile, Rekha considers herself fortunate to have Twinkle as her daughter-in-law and blesses her. Gaura suddenly faints, prompting Som to take her back home. Twinkle follows them.

Upon reaching the house, Pardeshi narrates a story to Chanchal about facing a ghost alone. Suddenly, they both notice a swing moving back and forth on its own, which terrifies them. They rush outside and inform Rahul about the eerie occurrence. Rahul also becomes frightened. Som brings the disguised Gaura into the house, causing both him and Rekha to worry about Twinkle. Gaura hopes for an opportunity to leave before anyone notices her true identity. Som escorts her to his room, and he contemplates unveiling Gaura’s disguise, leaving Twinkle in shock.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kanchan levels accusations against Bindiya, accusing her of theft. In response, Twinkle issues a stern warning to Bindiya and demands her immediate departure from the house. Unbeknownst to everyone, Gaura disguises herself as Bindiya and reluctantly agrees to leave. However, as Kanchan reaches out to pull her veil, Gaura’s true identity is exposed, leaving everyone in utter shock.

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