Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Gaura pleading with Rekha to cease talking in order to preserve her energy. Afterward, she comes to a decision to guide Rekha to a nearby bench. However, her attempt proves unsuccessful, leading her to request that Rekha sit on the bench by herself. Meanwhile, Twinkle seizes the moment to inform her mother about Maha Pandit’s order. Realizing the situation, Twinkle’s mother resolves not to allow Twinkle to walk barefoot between the two temples. Hoping her mother can provide assistance, Twinkle expresses her gratitude for the sent Halwa. Nevertheless, her mother clarifies that she wasn’t the one who sent the Halwa and encourages Twinkle to uncover the identity of her benefactor. Determined, Twinkle sets out to discover the person who aided her.

Twinkle discovers the person who assisted her outside the house and ponders why they are present there. Meanwhile, Gaura fervently appeals to God for assistance in saving Rekha, as she cannot bear to see her in pain. In the meantime, Twinkle sets out to find the girl, but Chanchal intervenes and instructs her to review the list for the upcoming day’s puja. Twinkle complies, examining the list and giving her approval. Chanchal mentions Gaura’s name, which infuriates Twinkle, leading her to scold Chanchal and sternly warn her against mentioning Gaura’s name in the house again.

Determined to uncover the identity of her helper, Twinkle becomes resolute. On the other hand, Gaura decides to temporarily leave Rekha’s side to fetch some items to alleviate her discomfort. It is at this moment that she spots Som exiting the house, causing her concern. Engaged in a phone call with his friend, Som notices his untied shoelaces and decides to rest his feet on the bench where Rekha is lying in order to tie them. Gaura intervenes, preventing Som from inadvertently hurting Rekha. However, Som is unable to see Gaura’s face, prompting him to question her. Feeling anxious, Gaura wonders how she can conceal her identity from Som. Eventually, Som departs from the location while continuing his conversation with his friend, bringing relief to Gaura.

Twinkle encounters Gaura and confronts her about her assistance, demanding to see her face. Gaura, feeling helpless, recalls Twinkle’s earlier conversation with her mother. She decides to fabricate a story, claiming to be the sister of the delivery guy who had messed up Twinkle’s order, and refuses to reveal her face. Twinkle, still skeptical, offers Gaura a job as a cook and pays her. However, Twinkle secretly plans to exploit Gaura and take credit for herself. Meanwhile, Gaura ponders on how to protect herself from this precarious situation.In another part of the story, Ganga and Kanchan devise a plan to feign illness in order to avoid participating in the rituals conducted by Maha Pandit. As the events unfold, Twinkle explains to Som the contents of her bags, packed for their upcoming honeymoon trip. Som smiles, seemingly enjoying the conversation. Gaura, worried about not finding Rekha outside the house, hesitates to enter the Shukla’s residence. But witnessing Rekha’s distress, Gaura sets aside her concerns and enters the house, intending to fetch water for Rekha.Just then, Kanchan arrives at the scene and demands that the disguised Gaura reveal her face, accusing her of being a thief. Sensing the tension, Som and Twinkle rush to the kitchen to investigate. Twinkle, aware of the truth, defends Gaura by stating that she herself had hired her as a helper. Som and Twinkle depart from the scene, leaving Kanchan disappointed. As Som gazes at the disguised Gaura, he experiences a peculiar connection with her, though he can’t quite explain it.

[Episode End]

Precap : Twinkle, concerned about the situation, urges Gaura, who is in disguise, to alter her attire and carry out the tasks assigned to her by Maha Pandit. Although hesitant, Gaura eventually complies. Twinkle’s anxiety intensifies upon noticing Som approaching her with a vessel of water.

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