Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts as the inspector presents the CCTV footage to Som, accusing him of substituting genuine ornaments with counterfeits. A sly grin conceals Rahul’s amusement. Som implores the inspector to believe in his innocence, emphasizing that he intends to return home. However, Kanchan and Twinkle interject, informing the inspector that Som never arrived home the previous night. Som proceeds to explain the unfortunate accident he encountered, but the police refuse to trust his account and proceed to apprehend him. A sense of regret washes over Rekha as she laments her actions, realizing that they have ensnared Som in false allegations. Gaura, fixing an intense glare upon Rekha, intervenes as the police attempt to take Som away. She fervently implores the inspector to place trust in her conviction that Som did not commit theft. Curious, the inspector inquires about her certainty. Gaura reveals that Som spent the entire night with her, dropping the bombshell that she is his ex-wife. Twinkle, Som, and others are left dumbfounded by this revelation, while Som contemplates the implications of Gaura’s disclosure. Gaura urges the inspector to review the CCTV footage from the warehouse, prompting the police to take Som to the station for further investigation. Consumed by anger, Twinkle seethes as she realizes that Som may have spent the entire night with Gaura.

Kanchan confronts Rahul for scheming against Som and ends up physically attacking him. However, Gaura’s presence creates a risk of Rahul’s intentions being exposed. Gaura suggests going to the police station to demonstrate his support, and Rahul and Vinay agree. At the station, Som becomes upset when Twinkle doesn’t answer his calls. Just then, Rahul and Vinay arrive and put on an act in front of Som. Som inquires about Twinkle, and Vinay informs him that she is upset with him.

Som seeks out Gaura and expresses his gratitude for her support. He advises her not to jeopardize her reputation by lying to protect him. Gaura assures Som that she has told the truth to the inspector. The CCTV footage of the godown arrives, and the officer confirms that Som remained there throughout the night, establishing his innocence. Som realizes that someone attempted to frame him and questions Rahul. However, Rahul claims ignorance about anyone seeking revenge against them. Som requests the inspector to find the true culprit.

Gaura decides to leave, but before she does, Som approaches her and thanks her for her contribution in proving his innocence. He also asks her where she saw him. Gaura lies to him and explains that her actions were motivated by her desire to ensure the safety and happiness of her loved one before bidding him farewell. Rekha recognizes Gaura’s love for Som and regrets her own actions.

Twinkle berates Som for spending a night with Gaura and speaks ill of Gaura. Angered by Twinkle’s words, Som shouts back at her and then storms off. Meanwhile, Laxmi assaults Gaura after society members accuse her of spending the night with Som. Rekha utilizes her influence to help Gaura escape from the situation.

The Yamduts complain to Chitragupta about Rekha’s behavior, prompting Chitragupta to decide on punishing her. Meanwhile, Kanchan and Rahul deceive Som with their fabricated story. Vinay has left the house, causing Som to worry. Chitragupta encounters Rekha and curses her. Rekha pleads with him not to punish her severely, and Chitragupta instructs her to follow his guidance and change the fate of a hundred spirits with Gaura’s assistance before departing. Gaura regains consciousness and realizes that Rekha has forgotten everything, so she asks for her help and runs away. Rekha follows her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rekha and Gaura have embarked on a new career path as managers for supernatural entities. One day, a gentleman reaches out to Gaura and Rekha’s office, desperately seeking their assistance.

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